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How To Get Free Crowdsourced Video

Did you know that 21% of the Internet is user generated video? Vidrack lets you put a Free Video Record Button on any Website. You can embed a video recorder anywhere online to collect crowdsourced video from your followers. Create your custom landing pages easily.

I created this Vidrack landing page in less than 5 min – vidrack.me/bradandersohn
See Brad Andersohns Vidrack Example

“Vidrack is a web-based video recorder used to collect videos through a website or landing page. It’s a video record button you can place on any webpage. Your followers can record and submit videos for you using only a camera and a browser. No app downloads, account creation, login, uploading or link sharing. It’s the simplest way possible for someone to record and submit a video to you. It can be used for collecting video testimonials, video interviews, video feedback, video reviews and much more.”

Your ability to maximize the power of video crowdsourcing to differentiate yourself from the competitions typical use of text or image generated marketing strategies is now here!

Ideas and Suggestions: Implementing Vidrack Video

  • Soliciting Video Reviews and Client Testimonials
  • Create Community Video Contests from User Submitted Videos
  • Video Interviews with Buyers and Sellers for DIY Projects
  • Submit Suggestive Tips and Allow Video Response Feedback
  • Add Video Record Button for visitors to record and submit video
    (All videos are collected privately and stored on your Video Rack)

Practical Uses: User Generated and Crowdsourced Video


1. Free Video Recorder Landing Pages are available at http://vidrack.me
2. Video Recorder WordPress Plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/video-capture
3. Embed video recorder on your site with http://vidrack.meComing Soon
4. Use free Video Player to view files created with Vidrack: http://www.videolan.org/vlc
5. Embed the Vidrack Recorder – http://vidrack.com/embed

More than 3000+ businesses currently use Vidrack for crowdsourced video. To offer and allow friends, fans, clients and prospects etc. to record and submit their video on your site from anywhere using a mobile device is a powerful, unique and super useful technology.

viewbix video player

Generate Leads Sell More with Video

There’s no question or doubt that consumers love video.  What if your video player and content could offer more?  Until now, there has never been anything available like what I’m about to show you.  ViewBix offers a fully customizable video player that turns viewers into action takers.  It’s nothing short of amazing.  Let’s look at what it is, how it works, and why you’ll be going there after reading this to setup your own account and player.

What is Viewbix: Viewbix adds interactive apps to your videos, engages viewers and drive calls to action.

Apps and Features: Viewbix offers over 2 dozen apps including photo feeds, coupons, Google maps, RSS feeds, QR codes, Yahoo Weather, and YouTube playlists.

Results: 23% of Viewbix viewers engage with at least one of the apps inside the player.

get started

This Viewbix video will give you enough information and detail to take the next step and research deeper into creating your own video and player.  The technical part is all taken care of, you’ll just need to use your creative side to generate the content that will open endless doors of opportunities through the viral results that are just waiting to happen. Watch:

Now here’s a sample of a real estate agent created Viewbix player in action.  Taking advantage of this new and powerful technology, see how Pierre uses his content to generate a sincere interest and passion in what he does for a living.

If you are looking to provide video in a way that allows the end user to do more than just sit and watch, this is it.  Viewbix features engaging calls to action capability. There are a variety of audio and visual blending opportunities to increase and capitalize on the emotional influencing potential.  But the lead generation, social media sharing, and contact/user conversion opportunity and potential is what makes Viewbix unique, powerful, and stand above all other video players and marketing strategies.

get started

Call Me Maybe

Real Estate Video Guerrilla Marketing

Real estate marketing and advertising video these days leaves little or no room for a shaky, word wasting, time sucking video that most people are shooting with their mobile devices, flip video, or digital cameras.  No longer will a virtual tour of walking up the stairs while huffing and puffing, out of breathe, while showing off the bannister and crown molding, be good enough for a high end or even moderately priced seller’s home.

Company’s like Coldwell Banker who staff agents like “Jessica Edwards in Wilmington, NC.” are creating high end fancy and fun videos that charge the viewer with energy and excitement while subliminally creating awareness of a service with a call to action. They’re also doing it by tapping into the emotional senses and using great visuals and music.  No longer will a virtual tour 360 panorama photo/video tour with the voice of James Earl Jones be enough. The bar is raised, are you ready to meet the competition?

Inspired by the Harvard Baseball team, the Miami Cheerleaders, Katy Perry, Mumu Girls, and of course the one and only Carly Rae JepsonTheCarolinasFinest.com present “Call Me Maybe!” Filmed and produced by Joe Cheshire at DigitalWunderland.com.  I like this video best!


This video takes an entirely new approach to “Guerrilla Marketing” by using a combination of great video shots, popular music, (which is the subliminal call-to-action) well planned choreography, consistent subliminal messaging, and a whole lot of fun amongst some very Videogenic friends. Pay close and special attention to the movements, the colors, the overall ambiance, and everything that is in this video that makes it work.  23,000 plus views in 8 days.

Now about your next video listing or virtual tour?  While this video may not be the standard since this is a $35 million dollar home, the question begging to be asked is at what point will a $5 million dollar homes seller ask, expect, or deserve a marketing video of this quality as a standard?  While the real estate market appears to have hit bottom according to most major real estate news media sites, it looks like real estate video marketing has also hit the bottom as well and now has only one place to go.

“The Spider and the Fly”


This listing actually had a custom iPad application that was created, installed on brand new iPads, and then given to a select few perspective buyers. Read more here… Let the real estate video marketing advertising competition begin.

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for sale

Top Real Estate Video Listings

Among the thousands of real estate video listings scattered across the web on various sites and blogs, these few really stand out and for obvious reasons.  Each of these Real Estate Listing Videos offers something unique, creative and obviously took some time and money to create and produce.

As a real estate professional, many already understand and appreciate this approach however the competition begins to get pretty stiff when you see agents and company’s out there providing these marketing ideas and services to their clients.  So what does your Real Estate Video Listing look like?

The Standard Chateau Listing Video


Marketing The Most Expensive Listing in the US


A Unique Yet Comical and Effective Listing Approach


The Professionally Produced Listing Video


A Video Listing worthy of a Superbowl Commercial


Here’s How They Do Real Estate Video Listings in Australia

And Lastly Yes, this is/was an actual listing


Fuuny RE Videos

Funniest Real Estate Videos

These are some of the funniest real estate related videos I have stumbled across on the Web.  If you are easily offended or take opinions and others perspectives personally, it’s probably best that you don’t watch these.

They are intended for amusement and do not represent my personal opinion or express my personal beliefs about real estate, agents, their business, or the industry.  This is just a little fun & poke at real estate in general.

Funny Real Estate Commercial – 5 Star Subliminal Marketing

The Pushy Real Estate Agent

Gary Schlitz Demonstrates HOW NOT to Be an Agent

The Smart Agent That Knows Nothing about The Home

Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

Ellen Finds The Funniest Real Estate Listings

The REALTOR – Hilarious

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 10.40.24 AM

How To Add Chapters To Video

There’s only one site that allows you to add Chapters to your longer videos, it’s WellcomeMat.com(See the video below)  Any video longer than 60 seconds loses it’s potential for the content to be viewed by 100% of the viewers 100% of the time.  If your video is longer than consumer expectation, a nice alternative option is to offer the ability to search and view based on the topics and chapters.

WellcomeMat has some awesome features including this one, but diving into their analytics on the back end is yet another powerful feature that’s not to be over-looked.  Real estate video is now a critical component of marketing, advertizing, and providing local information and delivering great content to local audiences.

WellcomeMat’s user interface brings everything together into an easy to use yet powerful video hosting site.



Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.44.40 AM

Is Real Estate Video Getting Competitive

This is NOT a CONTEST…  or Is it?

This may just be more a controversial topic and discussion for your minds’ voices ONLY! There are too many Real Estate Video experts out there preaching what is right or wrong with Real Estate video today. They claim to be experts, give you stats and numbers, tell you the do’s and don’ts, but all too often don’t leave it up to YOU to decide what will work best for YOU and YOUR clients.

This post will address the reality of Real Estate Video and bring some closure to what really works and what won’t (IN YOUR OPINION) which is the one that matters most anyway right?  There are (3)three videos below which are all Real Estate related. They were selected randomly from Youtube to address a few issues and controversial concerns about what we know, what we learn, and what we’re told by so called Experts, and what we actually believe.

Issues and Concerns:

  • Should videos be short or long?
  • Is it best to use expensive or a cheap camera?
  • Can Non-produced Video be better than Produced?
  • Does Image, Appearance and Attire Matter?
  • What type of Content is best for Video?

Each video below is fresh, brand new, and has less than 100 viewsso there can be no bias statistics, views, or visitor traffic to persuade your decision, true feelings, or your vote at the end of this post. You owe it to yourself to be open-minded here, honest with yourself, and watch each video to determine the best opinion and results for you and your Real Estate video business.

What are your overall thoughts regarding these 3 videos,and which is the one you feel best represents the style and type of video you think will be most effective and produce the most results?  I’m not talking about the most views or comments either, I’m talking closed transactions and client relationships. There is a voting pole that will be used to prove a further point in an upcoming post.





Please select which video works best overallto accomplish what you believe video should for Real Estate.

How To Dominate Market Using Video

So What happens 200 Million times a day?  This Is No Joke!

Videos get viewed on mobile devices according to Michael Krisa, founder of ThatInterviewGuy.com.  Michael will be joining me this next week to show you how to dominate your market using video.

Tom Ferry recommended that I hook up with Michael during his last visit with us, and seriously, I had no idea how much great information Michael has to offer and also what an awesome guy he is, I hope you can come see for yourself.

“One of the things I share with real estate professionals is the Absolute need to be using video … not because it’s cool or trendy but because it is impactful!” Michael Krisa

Michael will be sharing some great tips and techniques about video that have helped hundreds of people get on the video band-wagon of success.  There is no cost to join us, nothing to buy or be sold, and I promise you’ll learn and benefit no matter what level you’re at with your real estate business video.


Here’s 7 great reasons and samples (videos) why you won’t want to miss Michael next week:

1) Generic Webinar Intro For How Doing Video

2) The Best Video Camera To Buy

3) Something About Using a CRM

4) How To Create A Powerful Brand With Simple To Do Video

5) MAC vs. PC Which Should I use

6) Why Video Is a Must With Social Media Marketing

7) Generating More Leads With Donuts

Michael and I both look forward to having you join us. We are limited to 1000 seats and we’re pretty sure this session will be full in the next couple days. So REGISTER HERE NOW if you want to guaranty your seat.  It will be amazing!


Tom Ferry – Tuesday 8/9/11 – Creating a Unique Hook for Buyers
Chris Smith – Thursday 8/11/11 – Four Best Ways To Leverage Video in Real Estate
Jared James – Tuesday 8/23/11 – Tomorrows Top Producer Today
Grant Gould – Thursday 8/25/11 – Lifestyle MLS Search
Ben Kinney – Tuesday 8/30/11 – 5000 Buyer Leads Free

Xtranormal Video Adds New Features

Xtranormal.com is one of my favorite video creation sites on the web.  Many of my friends and clients don’t like being in video and are uncomfortable with being filmed by others.  Xtranormal has a tagline that says, “If you can type, then you can make movies” which is exactly what they offer on their site for FREE. Try it, you’ll love it.. I promise!

Simply pick the characters you want in your video, type in the text you want them to say, choose a voice, select which characters will say what, then modify and customize their facial expressions, body movements, and deliver your message in a video where you don’t have to personally appear. How cool is that?  Check out some Featured Videos.

Now they’ve added some cool features that make this the ULTIMATE VIDEO Creation site.

Here’s a sample Xtranormal video I created when their site first launched.  It was an introduction video for a site I created called the REVideoBlog which now ranks #1 if you Google search the term “Real Estate Video Blog.”  Now with the new voice over options and the ability to add text credits and titles, I’m excited to head over and redo this one.

Using Video To Reach Buyers and Sellers

Gary Gold does a great job explaining to both buyers and sellers why NOW is the time to buy and sell real estate in his Luxury Homes market located in sunny Southern California.

“How to buy low and sell high in the Luxury Real Estate market. With a few tips from celebrity agent Gary Gold, Executive Vice President of Hilton & Hyland Real Estate in Beverly Hills, he will show you how to take advantage of the current market conditions whether you are a Seller or Buyer.”

Reaching out to clients using video is nothing new in the real estate industry, but the reality is that there just aren’t very many agents doing this. Combining video with the social media movement is a sure fire way to reach a larger audience and be even more successful.

Kudos to Gary for using video messaging on Youtube and then using it to create an online presence for consumers that are spending tons of time on sites like Facebook.


Gary Gold will be appearing at Zillow Academy for a FREE webinar on Wednesday May 11th, 2011 at 10am PST. Come learn about his tips, techniques, secrets, and best practices for being successful in any market with both buyers and sellers. Gary will share how he uses online tools like video, and sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Zillow to complete the “client contact” to “conversion cycle.”