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The Real Estate Guide to Keywords

It’s one thing to think you know what others are searching for on the web, but it’s another thing to KNOW what they’re searching for!? Creating content that shows up on page one of the Google search results pages (SERPS) is usually the main focus and goal.

Understanding all the components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming and really confusing for most people, especially if you’re busy just trying to run a business and help people buy and sell homes? This explains why so many procrastinate.

What the heck is SEO, SERPS, long tails, short tails etc. anyways? Geez!?!

So if you can’t find a person to take on the role of “SEO KING/QUEEN” and “Keyword Manager” for your company or small business, then looking for a shortcut to this knowledge and the “how-to” is the next best thing right?

Here’s a slide deck the gives you just enough content to understand how it all works, but also provides some concentrated information and details that will help you down the “Keyword” & “Best Phrases” road to success.

While great content is, and always should be the main focus, having the right keywords and phrases do go hand in hand with helping to be found and get discovered in the search engines.
Google Search

TOP 10 Free SEO Internet Webtools

These are SEO web-tools for the blogger, the website builder, the technology enthusiast, the computer geek, and the beginner through advanced DIY individual who wants to get the most out of their Internet presence building experience.

Each of these sites and tools offer a variety of products and services that will help you find your way through the SEO maze. Rather than create some long winded document explaining each one of these, I kept it short so you could just explore.   Trust me, there is more here about SEO than you will ever need to know or use and I don’t think you’ll find an easier way or resource to get what you need.

TOP SEO Sites and Tools:

Google Keyword Tool
– Keywords and phrases most used that get you best SERP’s.

SEO Mofo – The Google SERP Optimization Tool, see it to believe it.

SEOptimize – 10 Free SEO Tools EVERYONE should Know and Use.

SEO Tool Set – A FREE SEO Toolbox and SEO Playground.

 SEOBook – Variety of free and paid SEO tools for pros and DIY webmasters.

ScrubbTheWeb – Advanced and ethical SEO Tools and SEO Myth Busters.

SEOMOZ -SEO and Social monitoring Made Simple.Free and Paid Services.

VRank – A Nifty little site checker that provides valuable information.

Google Webmaster Tools – A Complete Help Center for SEO and Site Analysis

Search Engine Genie – Unbelievable! 100 Free SEO and Webtools.

SEO Company – Saving the absolute Best for Last!
Over 140 SEO Beginner to Advanced Webtools. A Complete SEO Link Goldmine.

Search Engine Land – Lastly, A Complete SEO Educational Virtual University for SEO.

While no one really knows or understands how search engines, indexing spiders, and algorithm robots work, (except for the employees and developers of company’s who create them) these SEO tools will at least give you some guidance and direction that will make your SEO journey easier to understand, a bit more enjoyable, and much more effective.

Great quality content with value added service combined with an extremely user friendly and fun consumer experience is truly the key to any successful site, but SEO and showing up on page one of the Search engines has never been known to hurt a company or business.  That is of course unless the article or document on page one wasn’t something really bad and just happened to have really great SEO! :-O 

One last important thought about SEO: NOBODY GOES TO PAGE TWO ON GOOGLE?!?

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 9.38.09 AM

Top Secret Tips for Long Tail Searches

Rand Fish of SEOmoz.com covers the long tail search and shares 13 Secrets with viewers wanting a better understanding of the Long Tail Keyword use and other metrics.

This is one of the best video presentations of SEO long tail you’ll see or find on the web. SEOmoz is a fantastic site and resource for SEO, tips, and complete guides to making sense and cents of SEO.


Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.20.41 AM

Google Considers SEO Not Spam

Matt Cutts from Google provides some great information and many answers to some of the tech related questions that come from end users and SEO (search engine optimization) enthusiasts like us.  The question by many today is, “Does Google consider SEO to be Spam”  and Matt explains clearly that the answer is no.

There are however some points you should be made aware of regarding SEO.

Some of the tips Matt shares in this video are extremely helpful if you’re looking for ways to maximize your own SEO on your site and to rank higher in the SERPS. (search engine results pages) He explains things about white and black hat SEO, page layouts and search-ability, and even how site speed affects your SEO and Google results.  Google is focused and on a mission to produce the best and most accurate relative results in the web search experience.

The bottom line is that having this knowledge is useful, but incorporating it into your online SEO plan is powerful and could have a huge impact on your traffic, your search engine results, your business, and your ROI. (return on investment)  There are some links below the video to some of the sites and tools that Matt mentions in the video.


Google SEO Resources, Links, and Tools for Webmasters and Simple minded Users

Nobody Clicks On Page Two… SEO?

My favorite title so far this year!!  It’s a blatantly obvious term and title, but one I think many overlook when creating their web presence for their profile or their business.  The point of  “Search Engine Optimization” is to be found via the results from someone else’s search terms, words, or phrases in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Bing etc.

How many cLicks does it take to get to the center of a Google Roll Pop?
The world may never know…till now…

The first click: is to show up on page one of the paid or organic search results.  The upper portion of the page is always preferred because the likely-hood of searchers scrolling down becomes less of a reality based on today’s value of time.  If they do scroll down to find you, being on page one is crucial to your discovery because NOBODY CLICKS ON PAGE 2 of the SEARCH RESULTS!  Period.

The second click: is having the right sentence and content show up under that title link (the description) so searchers are encouraged, fascinated, or extremely motivated and inspired to click on the link since it’s dead on exactly what they’re looking for.  What are the chances of that? Hmm…

The third click: is to have the ability with your content and your site (once they’re there) to build trust, establish a rapport, create a relationship, capture them, convert them, and make them a client for life.  Turning them into a viral walking billboard to send you referral business for the rest of their days is another post and story all together.

SEO… how are you planning on doing these three things with your site, your blogs, your splash pages and internet presence?

Trust me when I tell you that this is not an easy task to accomplish.  All three steps take time, hard work, months of study, research and education, and most of all, the technical and people skills to pull it all off.  I’m not trying to discourage you from attempting this feat, I’m just being real with you about the journey I’ve been on, and that I’ve also witnessed others take.

SEO… what’s my advice?   I just gave it to you.  🙂

The internet, blogging, and social media etc. is NOT a sprint to the win, it IS a marathon to the victory!  Connecting with people using the available online tools is a fantastic idea and can certainly produce results, but the key to having folks find you and then be able to connect with you is to be on PAGE ONE of those search engine results, not page two. There are two types of people in the world; those that know you, and those that don’t. The ones that don’t are looking for your content on the Internet!

Learn How to create a Blog post for SEO and Consumers

SEO, Serps, Bots,Tags, Meta…Huh?

SEO 101 – Here’s a nifty little slideshow that might help you understand some of the terms mentioned in the title of this post. Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has nothing to do with people who know you finding you on the web, but it has everything to do with people who don’t know you and are looking for your services or products on the Internet. Whether you’re trying to be found, discovered, or rescued, it always starts with the “SEOarch!”

Google Juice Resides in Commenting

Is There Google Juice in Commenting on Blogs?

This Google alert just came in and the Google spiders decided to use Mike Yeo’s comment as part of the indexing process.  My next thought was to Google the title of this post to see what the first section of the search results showed?

Here’s a screen shot of the Google “Title” search:

So what happen to Mike Yeo’s comment and why didn’t he show up in the search results?  Google alerts selects an entirely different range of content when it sends you the alert, it is not the same content that is selected to appear in the search engine results.

Don’t be fooled by the Google Alert thinking that all the juice (SEO) is in the comment, especially if the site you are commenting on uses “no-follow” links which many do.

The Google juice I’m referring to here in the comments are the one way links back to your site or profile which can be very powerful in page rank and your sites popularity.  So what are you waiting for, leave a comment below and lets see if this is correct and true?

BTW – when you do leave a comment on an ActiveRain blog post, there is a one way “follow” link back to your ActiveRain profile.  Getting 25 points for a comment is neat, but getting those one-way links back to your page for SEO is awesome!

SEO Bloggers – Visibility and Placement

SEO and Blogging – The beauty is in the “Eyes” of the beholder

Last week we did a class called “Are You Invisible” and had a great turnout with guest speaker Gary Clayberg from WA.  One of the topics during the SEO and Blogging discussion was about heat maps that show and reveal how the “eyes” of your traffic and visitors see your site and the search engine results. It’s absolutely fascinating when you think about it, and it most definitely should be thought about after you read this.

Think of how long you spend reading a blog post vs skimming, or how much time you spend on that Google Search results page.  Do you scroll down?  Do you go to page two or three when there are seven million pages returned?  No. If you do, then you are unique and have way too much time on your hands. lol~  Take a look at these visual heat maps and then look at your own SEO results and your sites and Blogs.

The research and results I’m sharing below apply to search engine optimization and your marketing efforts so I hope this helps.  How important is page positioning and rank in both Organic and Pay-per-click search results for visibility and click through in Google?  The new Eyetools Eye-Tracking Study verifies it’s very important.  Notice the areas below the red-line and to the right of the page on the search example below.

Image source: Eyetools.com

(PRWEB) — A joint eye tracking study conducted by eye tracking firm Eyetools and search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it.com has shown that the vast majority of eye tracking activity during a search happens in a triangle at the top of the search results page indicating that the areas of maximum interest create a “golden triangle.” Snippet courtesy of PRWEB

There’s a theory that the cosmetic appeal and placement of content on your Blog or site does make a difference.  It can and will have an impact on the results you’re getting from your SEO and Blogging efforts.  It’s not just content that is King, but where it’s most “visible” and most viewed can truly help build your kingdom.  Are you like me and saving the punchline or important quotes for the wrong spot? :-O

Image source: Eyetools.com

Researching this was an “eye” opener for me. (pun intended)  I’m warning all readers that this information may require you to do some rearranging and house-cleaning on your sites for the eyes that you’re trying to reach too.

Here’s the part that most readers and viewers will miss according to the heat map image above: “No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye.” Winston Churchill “The way to see by Faith is to shut the Eye of Reason.” Benjamin Franklin “That old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind.  The time is always right to do the right thing.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Improve Video and Images for Higher Ranking in Search Engines

How To Improve your Video and Images for Higher Ranking in the Search Engines.

Acquiring SEO and traffic to your Blog or Website using great content, titles, descriptions, and keywords etc. has always been a subtle yet powerful strategy in the Blogging community.  Many new businesses and individuals don’t start off blogging or creating websites with the understanding of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works, or why it might be important to their success. In time… they learn. We all do.

In my travels around the country teaching SEO, Blogging, and Social Networking, the one thing that is least talked about or questioned is the power of video and images. You hear “Content is King” but you won’t hear or learn that video and images are the most viewed and sought after items on the Internet.  Could this be one of the reasons Google has links to them at the top of every search results page?

How do you get YOUR Video and Images to show at the Top of the Search Engine Results?

Matt Cutts from Google explains a few ways you can accomplish this.  He shares some great ideas and tips on using and adding meta-data and user generated content.  The idea of using captioning in Video is brilliant!  You provide the transcripts and Youtube will auto-align the text.

Creating captioning is easier than you may think, Matt and others do this on every video and I can show you how.

Matt also shares some great ideas on how to use flickr, he gives some great examples and says “it’s almost like crowd sourcing!”  Flickr has great SEO but you need to understand how to use tags, descriptions and some of the tips in this video will assist you in knowing how and why.

If you create and use your own pictures, images, or video,
and you want to get views, traffic, and ultimately generate leads and business, it’s important to know a few key things including the SEO tips Matt shares in this video. It’s also important to know that SEO isn’t the only key ingredient that gets your material found on the web. Apply the concept that “Content Is King” to images and video, along with these tips and you’ve won 90% of the battle.

SEO Tools – You Should Know about SEO

SEO? There are Groups, Blogs, Website Graders, those who claim they know it all, and those who confess they know nothing whatsoever about it.  Both in and out of the community, many have benefited greatly from the SEO that comes from Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

What about those who haven’t a clue about SEO, what it is, how it works, why they need it, and who the heck cares?  This site, SEOBook has some fantastic information and tools for any beginning Blogger new to SEO.  All of you experienced Bloggers may already know this stuff, but for some, SEO is still difficult to get their arms site around.

I hope this will help those who want to know more about SEO, how it works, the technical nuances, and how to benefit from just learning more about it.  Check out these links, video tutorials, Blogs, FAQ’s, and tools. SEO is not the most important thing in your on-line business, or is it?  That’s for you to decide.
It’s time you know, about SEO.

Once you’ve checked these out, I’m sure you’ll have a much better grasp and understanding of SEO, and be able to maximize the potential of your sites by using the FREE tools and information that’s available online.  You should come away with some good ideas on how to better YOUR SEO either on your Blogs or websites.

Don’t let acronyms like SEO scare you away, embrace them, understand them, use them and you’ll love them.  Why leave it to the imagination? Learn all you can about Search Engine Optimization.  🙂

More SEO Resources: GoogleBlog,   Google Webmaster CentralGoogle Help CenterSEO Noobs