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20 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing is much more than just adding your profile to LinkedIn and joining Facebook and Twitter. There’s a new breed of consumer out there looking to simplify their connections with others online.

The Internet is an opportunity to create communication, get answers, find facts and data, research people, places, and things, get instants results and knowledge, post and share content etc. and do it all for free.

Here’s a few important things I’ve learned about SMM over the years:

  1. You can’t ever win if you don’t ever play.
  2. Content isn’t really king, it’s “context” that is king.
  3. Don’t plagiarize content from other sources.
  4. It’s not all about You, and it’s ALL about YOU.
  5. Everyone wants to buy, no one wants to be sold.
  6. Keeping it local, social, and mobile is powerful.
  7. SMM is all about people, places, and things.
  8. Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.
  9. Win friends and influence people with words and actions.
  10. Interact with honest and sincere appreciation.
  11. Arouse in others an eager desire to want to participate.
  12. Focus on customer experience more than customer service.
  13. Set a specific amount of time aside to do social media mktg.
  14. Understand each site and its culture before creating a strategy.
  15. Resist the temptation to engage in negative commentary.
  16. Make a presence in popular arenas and articles by commenting.
  17. Use social media to “connect” with contacts, not to sell.
  18. Maximize your ROI by tapping into others’ SOI and friends.
  19. Engage online to create opportunity and appointments offline.
  20. Focus on earning & establishing “like” “trust” and “satisfaction”

Making people sincerely feel important is a Social Media Marketing Golden Rule.  Demonstrate honest transparency one hundred percent of the time and your efforts will be successful and greatly rewarded.

We are only in the beginning stages of this global SMM phenomenon and while Facebook continues growing with over 1,000,000,000 user profiles, there’s still much to be had and learned about using Social Media.

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The Future is Social, Mobile and Local


The future success of global business is definitely Social, Mobile, and Hyper-local period.  Successful businesses and entrepreneurs are looking to the Internet and all its resources to remain on top of the social media marketing and advertizing game.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn have long-term staying power and the ability to Socially connect the entire globe with a single Internet connection.


Paypal, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and many others have made the purchasing process seamless.  Connecting consumers with retailers and local bricks and mortar store fronts is now done via Websites and Blogs.  Now we’re seeing the non-bricks and mortar warehouses popping up all over the Web and providing even more products and services than can be found in your local strip malls.  Purchases are being made online and many hyper-local sites are winning.


A challenging economy inter-twined with innovation and technology has made it easier for consumer’s to make purchases, family and friends to stay connected, marketing and advertizing to the masses easy, and all via a simple mobile device or smart-phone.  The communication barrier is no longer limited, the most cost effective portal is the mobile device, and the surplus of tools, apps, and online services are available in overwhelming abundance.


Both consumers and businesses are looking for more efficient and better economical ways to survive, live, save, and make money doing it.  The two sides are now meeting in the middle know as Cyber-Space, the Web, the Internet, The Super-Highway, THE CLOUD!  The dot.com may have bombed back in the 90’s but the comeback in 2012 is attention worthy and it’s absolutely here to stay.  Social is permanent, local is powerful, and mobile is BIG MONEY!


Customer service is out the door while “Consumer Experience” dominates Internet content.  Sites like Yelp, Expedia, Google, Zillow and others allow consumers to share their IRL (In Real Life)  experiences with others impacting the consumers choices and buying/selling decisions.  A few ratings and reviews can now make or break a restaurant, a business, an app, or an individual.  Public opinions shared online matter and make a huge difference.


2012 is going to be an incredible year of growth and prosperity for many online providers and sites while at the same time you’ll witness the demise of those companies who resist and fight the Social, Mobile, Local movement.  It’s not a matter of if it will work, it’s more a matter of when will you be on board and what direction will you take?   What decisions and changes do you need to make to exist or survive this “New Online World Order?”

“I know I’m not the only one with my head in the cloud here, question is.. where are you in the cloud today?”

Make no mistake about it…The Future IS Social, Mobile and Local.

Twylah for Twitter Branded Pages

Twylah offers and creates Twitter Business and Personal Brand Pages.

Twylah consolidates and sorts out your tweets into an easy to read and understand page that will engage and keep your readers and followers longer.  The formatted page is cleaner and neater than trying to follow a twitter stream on your profile page or on some 3rd party site.  Twylah takes and converts the variety and multitude of your Tweets and places them in what looks more like trending topics on a single branded page.

Get your own custom brand page for all your activities and tweets on Twitter.

Want to know more about those you follow or are considering following?

Simply take your name out of the URL and enter any other Twitter Profile user name to see an overview of their activities and content on Twitter. This can be extremely helpful when considering ways to filter twitter noise from those you follow on the micro blogging network.

Your Personal Twylah Page:

  • provides you with full clarity into what you’re actually tweeting
  • engages your audience more deeply through topical organization and navigability (this is especially true for non-Twitter users)
  • gives your tweets a second life — they now support an overall content strategy and each page is SEO friendly
  • allows you to own your traffic and content
  • allows you to monetize your traffic and content via ads, email opt-ins, or any other way you monetize “in real life”

Robert Scroble interviews the CEO and Founder Eric Kim of Twylah who shares some of the key features and benefits of the site and the many Company Brands and celebrities now using this new tool.  The beta site is currently by invitation only which you can request here.

“Celebrities and brands take control of Twitter accounts with @Twylah. http://t.co/D1c7lMG VIDEO LOOK, social media gurus PAY ATTENTION!” Robert Scoble @scobleizer

“Super-easy to use and a much better storefront for your Twitter brand than the somewhat wonky Twitter stream.” As seen in CNN @cnn 

“Twylah is a great way for websites, products, venues, and even individuals to create one page, which sums up what they’re about.”The Next Web @thenextweb

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How To Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Some of us simply have to learn by doing.  Others have the ability to learn from watching others make mistakes.  Hopefully you’re one that learns from reading this, watching the video, and then applying what you learn in the next 5 minutes to a life-long process of trying to succeed!

In this video, Scott Stratten shares an excellent point of view.  This is undeniably a topic and concept that every small and large business owner who uses today’s technology and tools for marketing and advertising, needs to understand.  Your BIGGEST take-away will be to “Think Things Through” and don’t just do it because you can or because everyone else is or does…

“How we need to stop the misuse of social media, QR codes and misleading statements in advertising, especially real estate.”

Celebrating Four Years On ActiveRain

It was February of 2007 when I wrote my first Blog post here on ActiveRain.  Hardly seems like four years could have gone by this quickly.  I realized today that all the time and information I have contributed here is pale in comparison to all that I have learned and the relationships I have made.  As I looked at the numbers, reviewed the stats, counted subscribers and analyzed traffic, it really hit me.  Even after all the posts and thousands of hours I’ve spent here, it all boils down to one really important thing for me…

ActiveRain Is ALL about creating and building relationships. The points are great and the business is wonderful too, but what keeps most of us coming back is the deep rooted, sincere and meaningful relationships that get established from our time and efforts here.  Sure the SEO is great, and the referrals rock, but no other blogging platform out there has a community culture quite like ActiveRain.  You’ll get much more out of it than you’ll ever put into it.

Some of the greatest people I’ve ever met with masterminds in Real Estate are right here.

(if you don’t see yourself in the above photo, it’s only because all 200,000+ wouldn’t fit on this page)

The make-up of the ActiveRain community is unique in so many ways.  The relationships here are very real.  There are so many very special people on this network.  They’re not just sharing information, not just blogging, not just commenting on posts, they are out meeting each other in person, supporting and encouraging others, people helping one another all across the country.  It’s really all about people here.

As I look back on my ActiveRain journey, there are so many wonderful memories that I cherish.  Not just from the Blogging, the comments, even some of the crazy stuff that goes on around here either.  I’m talking about the memories from my travels, meeting people I’ve communicated with for years online and then finally getting to meet them in person for the first time.  It’s the hugs, the handshakes, the gifts and all the sharing.  There is really nothing that compares to all I’ve seen and been part of in my four years on ActiveRain.

So this anniversary, instead of reflecting on and sharing accomplishments and successes, or survivals and achievements, I want to just say “THANK YOU!” to all my friends here on ActiveRain and all around the globe.  Over these past years it has been YOU that kept me coming back, YOU that I was reaching out to, YOU that ultimately I want to connect with, and it has always been YOU that has made this place what it is for me today.  Sincerely, I thank you.

Without YOU, there would be no ActiveRain…

Without YOU, there would be no reason to return…

Without YOU, there would really be no me…

May our journeys be amazing, may our missions be worthy, and may our paths cross IRL one day.  In our pursuit of happiness, may we live a life that is full of rich and meaningful purpose.  It is with nothing that we start in this world, and we leave with only one thing, that which is most valuable… our relationships.   Nothing else really matters in the end.  We’ll take no goods or merchandise with us when it’s time to go, but the relationships we create and carry through life are really the most valued commodities in this world.

Build your castles and mansions on “people” and relationships for they are the strongest foundations on earth.

It’s been a truly amazing and incredible four year journey and adventure, thank you for sharing it with me.

How To Avoid Facebook Spam in Your Email

Ever feel like a fish in the water that just got hooked? If you’re biting, read on….

Face it, if you’re on Facebook, you’re getting email notifications constantly by those leaving comments or tagging you in videos and photos etc.  If you “” a comment by another member or friend on Facebook, you’re likely to get an email notification every time someone else comments on their post too.  Pretty soon you get really good at reading or just deleting these notifications.  Sometimes you click the link to go on through to Facebook and see the alert, other times you probably just delete the less important notifications.

Facebook spammers are getting really savvy at using the site and information to SPAM you in a very tricky and devious way.  Here’s one I received today that got me hook, line, and sinker.  I wanted to share this tid-bit of information so that you may prevent this from happening to you.  It is effective, it always works, and it could save you getting spammed or even prevent a virus from ending up on your computer.

This is the email I received as a notification from Facebook.

Looks pretty legit to me, and it’s from Facebook right?  In fact I really didn’t think about it twice. WRONG!

It Is Spam!  Very SMART SPAM!
Every link in the above email went to http://www.durimdermaku.com, an advertising site!

See, they used a simple comment, plus a look and feel from a brand that I’m familiar with.  Looks like something I’m used to seeing from Facebook?!  That got me to drop my guard, (which I did) and then I clicked on their link to see Sara’s comment on this so-called photo.  (a photo I have no clue about so of course I’d click on it.)  Wouldn’t you too?  C’mon, you know you would.  lol~  They got me, I GOT SPAMMED!


When you get email from ANYONE that includes links to another site or page on the web, ALWAYS hover your mouse over the link without clicking on it first, the REAL website or URL link will appear in the lower left hand corner of your Internet Browser.  I normally always do this but I was caught off guard today with this unsuspecting Facebook email.  They used FACEBOOK and the brand to sucker me in.

Watch out for these ever-so-clever spammers who are constantly finding new and improved ways of getting into our emails, our accounts, and our computer systems.  Fight Back on Spam, use the MHM Method (Mouse Hover Method) before you click on ANY links in your emails.

Here’s a sample to test: I’ll create a link as they did in the email above, but the message that pops up and the URL that appears when you hover will demonstrate exactly how spammers are doing this.  Try it: Hover your mouse over this link:  http://Google.com Be sure to look in the lower left corner of your browser as your mouse hovers.  See there?  (Don’t go getting any ideas now, this post is to help prevent spammers, not create more of them…haha)  This will work with any email, not just Facebook’s.  It also works on web-page links and blog sites too.

This is the best way to prevent you from clicking on a spam link and feeling like a fish that just got hooked!

Adding Social Media Buttons and Icons – Pushing Your Buttons

Social Media Buttons and Icons – Is Someone Pushing Your Buttons?

During these past few weeks, since adding the “Signature” option to ActiveRain posts, I’ve received so many requests, calls, and emails regarding how to add “Social Media Buttons and Icons” to the footers of Blog Posts.  You’ve probably seen many of the various types and styles other members are using on their Blogs which poses the question, “Where Are They Getting These?” Here’s some sites I’ve found that offer you these custom buttons for FREE.  This includes for personal and commercial use according to their terms and guidelines.

Here are some Links to Literally Thousands of Buttons and Icons:



Instructions For Adding Buttons and Icons to the Signature or Footer of Posts:

Once you’ve downloaded the Social Media Buttons or Icons of your choice, you can add them to your AR Signature Page (including the appropriate links) by going to your “My Home” page on AR, then select the “Settings” link on the left hand sidebar.  Just upload the button or icon into the “Signature” section of the page, add the appropriate link to your image, then click “update” to save. That’s it!

One tip I would suggest is to be careful which Icons you select for some of the Social Networking Sites. If the Icon or Button isn’t a familiar looking one, then visitors might be less likely to click on it.  For example, the cow face, what Social Network or site does that one belong to?  Maybe visitors would click on it just to find out? (LOL~)  With all these Buttons and Icon styles available, one thing for certain is that your signature can be unique.  So have FUN!!

This should give you plenty of options and creative ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 🙂

Social Media Buttons and Icons“The Buttons You Want People To Push!”

32 Tweeter Twitter Tips

Do you use Twitter?If so, how? If not, why? Do you even need to be on Twitter? Since the birth of the site, these are age old questions that have been and will continually be asked regarding the popular micro-blogging social network. Millions are on Twitter, but how many use it effectively?

The following tips may very well helpto save you time, money, and frustration if you’re considering diving into the twitter-sphere as so many other business owners have. The following tips were given to a tweeter when they asked for advice on “How To Use Twitter” with the best tips their twitter friends/followers could offer? This is yet another great way to use twitter.

If that’s not enough, here’s another 140 Twitter Tips:

Do you have a question about Twitter or any other site, application, product or service? Try using Twitter to ask your question, create a discussion, and get fast and valuable information about pretty much anything you want to know? Keep in mind that there are always people willing to share their findings, tips, and solutions with you and the best part is that they’ll do it for free!

Roost Now Provides Data From Zillow

Image representing Roost as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Some really exciting changes are happening at Roost

Expanded Data for Your “Real Estate” Tab

“Roost now provides data from Zillow as an improvement to the previous “Active Listing” data.  This set of aggregate charts provides average square foot & dollar amount per listing, median home value, home value distribution, year built, and commute time.  These changes will allow you to be a greater resource for your potential clients and give you expanded market coverage.  (And your visitors will never be prompted to go to another tab or site.)

If you’d like to turn this data source off, visit the “Facebook Tab” area in the Roost Social Media Toolkit and uncheck the “Zillow” option on the “Local Data” page.  This week the “Active Listing” area on your tab will migrate to this fresh and frequently-updated Market Data.

Premium Features
You’ve asked, and we’ve built!  In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to upgrade to Roost Premium and use following features:

  • Multiple Locations:  Provide tab visitors local data for up to six markets
  • Homesearch Module:  Drive tab visitors to the homesearch/IDX solution on your website
  • Unlimited Featured Listings:  Feature, promote, and manage all your listings

This information was provided to the Real Estate community via an email announcement which we felt was important to share with our readers here at RETechWorld.  Though this information is NOT OUR original content, we feel our friends on the Roost Team will appreciate us spreading the word!  A special thanks and “Shout Out” to Roost.com for their efforts and diligence in providing value added tools and information to their fan base.

Creating A Custom Twitter Background

How To Create A Custom Twitter Background

Many Twitter users have a custom background for their personal or business profile page on Twitter.  There are many sites that offer FREE Twitter Backgrounds for your page, but have you considered creating one of your own that is unique and customized?

In this video is the instructions to create a custom background for your Twitter page with an explanation of the differences you’ll need to know about when designing your custom page.


There are other applications you can use to create and edit images, backgrounds, and graphics etc. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, you can try Gimp, which is a free download and very similar to Photoshop.

For online options, try Picnik.com or Bannerfans.com. One of our personal favorites and very inexpensive applications is Paint Shop Pro.

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