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Tag Galaxy for Creative Photo Searches

Tag Galaxy is a site that lets you enter any “Tag” or “Keywords” or phrases then brings back all the related photos found that may match your search results. At first, I didn’t think much of it until I started selectively picking specific keywords and tags that brought back some really interesting and fun results.

The final search image results will always be unique but have no custom URL or embed code, so it seemed a little senseless to even post about this other than it is a pretty cool site. However, one idea and way to use this would be to capture photos of friends, family, neighborhoods, communities, or even cities and then share them using a screen capture tool and creating a link to your desired landing page.

You can zoom in, zoom out, roll and turn the globe, open the photos and read the descriptions and more. I put together this quick little video sample showing what it would look like if you search your city using tag or keywords. I used San Francisco in this sample. Check it out, you may find other creative ways to use the tag galaxy for your photo capturing experience. Enjoy!