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Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

News flash folks – Email is the BEST Social Media of All.

Did you know that 100% of people who have an email address (that’s everybody) delete at least 30% of their unopened email?  And they do it everyday!  This is called click-through and open rate.  If your email is spammy, the subject line stinks, and your content is weak, then your email basically sucks.

Email is one of the most powerful ways to market, advertise, and even drive traffic to targeted websites and blogs but you’ll need to have a good strategy and a compelling email that looks great, gets opened, gets read, has value, and has an easy but powerful call-to-action. It takes a combination of a professional product with a personal touch and approach.

Facebook proved this works by sending members email that stated,You’ve been tagged in a photo!”  Nobody can resist clicking on the link back to Facebook because they can’t stand thinking that there might be a photo of them out on the web that might be embarrassing, maybe even humiliating.   You know what I mean right?  lol~  We’ve all been there….

It’s time to take control of your email campaigns!  What if you could create stunning, studio quality emails?  Choose from hundreds of quality custom designed themes and email templates and be able to send them through any email service provider?  Do you have graphic design experience or HTML programming skills?  How much time and money would it cost?

One option is TemplateZone, a site you absolutely MUST check out.  They can help you setup and deliver quality email campaigns.  I have personally worked with their staff, experienced their excellent customer service, and will also be having them as one of my VIP guests at an upcoming webinar in March 2012.  They understand and support your email marketing.

Look, the hardest step was just reading and coming this far, the next step is easy and FREE…

Create your next email campaign here.