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This is a man-made water release for when the lake is full and ready to overflow

The Glory Hole in Lake Berryessa

This is the true story of the Glory Hole in Lake Berryessa.

The place you’re now reading about was originally (and still by many) referred to as the “Morning Glory Spillway” next to the Monticello Dam in Napa County.  The locals started referring to this awesome spectacle as the “Glory Hole” some time ago, and the name has stuck to it ever since.  Read More…

The Morning Glory Spillway/ Glory Hole (active) gulps about 48,400 cubic feet per second (1370 m³/s) See Wikipedia…

It is very rare to catch and watch the “Glory Hole” working in action due to the fact that Lake Berryessa must be so full that the “Glory Hole” spillover begins to dump the excess water into the creek on the other side of the dam known as “Putah Creek.”  Naturally the names Glory Hole and Putah Creek have had numerous comments made with a play on words, but the fact remains that it is what it is and it IS REAL.

Photo By: Brad AndersohnFogonazos refers to the Glory Hole as the Largest Drain hole in the World

The 13 second video on Youtube that has garnished over 49,000,000 million views was shot with a simple Flip Video camera while standing on the edge of the lake. It is an amazing thing to see, hear, and witness with your own eyes.  Some will say it’s fake, possible CGI or Photoshopped, others who have been there will tell you that it is very real and in fact is one of the most incredible things you’ll ever see.

At first glance, one will begin to wonder about the fish and the ducks that might accidentally end up going down the drain that drops out a few hundred yards away on the other side of the dam.  Many question whether they would live of not?  Then there’s the thought of boats, people, and other living things that might end up getting caught in the currents, this has many thinking and wondering about it for hours?!?  Wondering Yourself?

Many of the 26,500 comments on this video have been about how this scares the heck outta folks as they watch it.  Though the largest percentage of comments will have something to do with “dividing by zero” or “throwing celebrities and others in it” or “some kind of pornographic innuendo“, it’s really the millions that don’t comment that is most impressive.  Simply put, there is an extremely eery and mystic element that surrounds the Glory Hole.

“The Glory Hole EXIT”

It’s truly been an exciting time to watch this video get exposed to millions of people who may never get to see this place in person and even if they do, they will most likely never get to see the Glory Hole in action as seen in the video below.


It’s an honor and privilege to have captured this on film and a true blessing to share it with others like you.

ADDED ON 1/1/16 – This photo was just taken on New Year’s Day 2016. As you can see, Lake Berryessa is lower than it’s ever been since the video above was taken.

Glory Hole Lake Berryessa



ALL Photos: Brad Andersohn

Update: 2/19/2017 – for the first time since this video and story was posted, the Glory Hole is running again. Here’s a drone video from last week:

More details and information has been made available about the Glory hole.

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How To Get 20 Million Video Views

How do you get 20,000,000 views on your Youtube video?

Here’s 5 tips I learned from my Youtube viral video experience:
1. Find something unique and fascinating and shoot it.
2. Keep the video short (30 seconds max)
3. Don’t over edit or produce
4. Controversial is not always a negative of bad thing
5. What’s in the title? Everything, Call it what it is.

Getting 20,000,000 million views proves to me that these 5 tips really will work.
Finding unique video opportunities isn’t always easy, but the world has a lot to offer.

5 Tips to ALWAYS consider if you want video to go viral:
Always be ready
Always have a video camera on hand
Always look for those unique opportunities
Always use Youtube for viral video exposure
Always be prepared for the unexpected

Yes, and luck does have a little to do with being in the right place at the right time.


Best Tip of the Day:
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13 Second Video – 17.5 Million Views

In the past 13 days, this video has been viewed 1,900,000 million times. This is a new record for views on Youtube.com.  The video may very hold the record on Youtube for the most viewed video under 15 seconds.  (this is unconfirmed)  There have been over 11,000 comments made, it’s been shared on Facebook over 12K times, and the average viewer is between the ages of 35-50 years old.

It’s true!  This 13 second video has been viewed on Youtube more than 17 1/2 million times.  There are three primary points I’d like to make about this particular video but before I do, let me explain a few details about it.  First of all, it is just raw video with no editing and no effects.  It was filmed at Lake Berryessa in Napa County CA.  What makes this video unique is that you’ll only see something like this when the Lake is over-full and the water is threatening to run over the damn. (seen in the background of the video)

3 Important Points:

  • This video is real, no editing or CGI effects as some will claim
  • The name of this specific location is correct and accurate
  • The chances you’ll ever see this thing “live” are slim to none

This drain in the lake is called “Morning Glory” and referred to by locals as “The Glory Hole.”  Now I know what some of you are thinking right now, and that’s just stinkin thinking.  Pilots of aircraft refer to this drain as “The Black Hole” because if you look at it from the air in either a plane or helicopter, it’s a huge black hole in the middle of the lake. So contrary to what you’ll see and read in the comments of this video, it is what it is.

Here’s a Google Earth Image of the Glory Hole from satellite.  I’m also including a link to the glory hole revealed so that those non-believers can see the real McCoy unveiled… up close and personal.  Standing next to this thing was one of the most eerie experiences.  Watching hundreds of thousands of gallons of water going down a drain only feet away from you is an experience you won’t soon forget if ever.  Here it is, The Black Hole – The Glory Hole.

The Black Hole – The Glory Hole