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How To Prepare & Reach Your Goals

Defining Your Goals and Business Plan

Coach Tom Ferry does and “outstanding” job breaking down what it takes for you to meet your business and financial goals for the year.  In this short video, he explains the critical key components needed to achieve personal success.

Tom travels the world coaching some of the top minds and top producing agents in the World. His knowledge and expertise on the subject of business and goal planning is tried and true for any market and in any geographical location.


What’s The Right Number for You?

Now, using the Agent Assist formulas below designed around what Tom explains in his video, we’ve simplified the entire process. In a simple 7 step process and calculation, this tool will not only help you achieve your business and financial goals, you’ll exceed them! This really works.

This works for any agent in any market in any location.

In the above sample, we used an old NAR statistic that says 35 contacts gets 1 appointment, and 4 appointments closes 1 sale. With a $350,000 avg. sales price using 3% as the commission, and 80% broker split, we are able to determine exactly how many contacts are needed (per day) for this agent to reach their financial goals.  Lastly, just add some vacation time, amount of work days and hours, and then your desired income.

The reality and truth to the entire “success” process is that it takes contacts to get appointments, and appointments to close transactions. Try Tom’s suggestions, use Agent Assist to define and specify exactly what your goals are, and then break it down into bite size and realistic pieces. This is how Real Estate Business gets done!

Here’s a sample you can see and try: Agent Assist Sample

Tom Ferry FREE Webinar SOLD OUT

Overwhelming Response to Tom Ferry Webinar – PLEASE READ! – Second Session Added

Due to the overwhelming response to Tom Ferry’s free webinar “5 Pillars of Lead Generation” at Zillow Academy on May 17th, we have surpassed the limit of 1,000 participants per session. Therefore, to accommodate the 2,400+ people that have already signed up, another Tom Ferry free webinar has been planned at Zillow Academy on June 7.

It will be the same webinar topic and discussion, but now on two separate dates.

What does this mean for you?
If you registered already for the May 17 session, it means you still have a ticket to call in and join us, but due to the enormous interest, there is a chance you could get closed out of the session because it is limited to the first 1,000 callers. Therefore, if you call in on May 17, but cannot get through, we advise that you register for the June 7 session.

This is the only way we can accommodate all those who have registered.

We are honored and humbled over this incredible turnout and apologize that we cannot guarantee your entry to this webinar, but we are hoping everyone will be accommodated by offering a second Tom Ferry appearance on June 7. Thank you for understanding.

» Register for the June 7 session here