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140 Twitter Marketing Success Tips

Finding the Top 10 Ways to do anything is always valuable to someone, but 140 ways to be successful with marketing on Twitter should be valuable to everybody, even to those who have little or no interest and are not yet currently active or engaging others on Twitter.  Check it out, here’s just a few of my favorites…

This slideshow sharing 140 tips is priceless, and not too time consuming considering that each tip is provided in a tweet that’s no longer than 140 characters. Take a moment to review this and I guaranty you’ll learn something.  Whether you’re an anti-Twitter spectator, a complete novice, or a blazing tweeting expert pro, there will be something for everyone here.

Twitter is truly a real-time, real-people, real-information network, where sharing is real-easy and simple, and on a user friendly platform. There, that was exactly 140 characters…Tweet that! 🙂

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Twitter Apps

How To Revoke Apps Accessing Twitter

How do you revoke all those 3rd party Apps that are accessing your Twitter account in the background?

When was the last time you even checked to see who’s been granted access to all your Twitter content? Have you ever even checked? Me either, and there were 77 apps using my Twitter data and feeds to benefit their programs.

Of course, some of the 3rd party apps do provide value and benefits, but everyone reading this should take a moment to review and evaluate their own, then come to your own conclusions so you too can have your own peace-of-mind.

Go to https://twitter.com/settings/applications and review then revoke as you see fit!

Follow me on Twitter @BradAndersohn, you can revoke me at anytime.

Twylah for Twitter Branded Pages

Twylah offers and creates Twitter Business and Personal Brand Pages.

Twylah consolidates and sorts out your tweets into an easy to read and understand page that will engage and keep your readers and followers longer.  The formatted page is cleaner and neater than trying to follow a twitter stream on your profile page or on some 3rd party site.  Twylah takes and converts the variety and multitude of your Tweets and places them in what looks more like trending topics on a single branded page.

Get your own custom brand page for all your activities and tweets on Twitter.

Want to know more about those you follow or are considering following?

Simply take your name out of the URL and enter any other Twitter Profile user name to see an overview of their activities and content on Twitter. This can be extremely helpful when considering ways to filter twitter noise from those you follow on the micro blogging network.

Your Personal Twylah Page:

  • provides you with full clarity into what you’re actually tweeting
  • engages your audience more deeply through topical organization and navigability (this is especially true for non-Twitter users)
  • gives your tweets a second life — they now support an overall content strategy and each page is SEO friendly
  • allows you to own your traffic and content
  • allows you to monetize your traffic and content via ads, email opt-ins, or any other way you monetize “in real life”

Robert Scroble interviews the CEO and Founder Eric Kim of Twylah who shares some of the key features and benefits of the site and the many Company Brands and celebrities now using this new tool.  The beta site is currently by invitation only which you can request here.

“Celebrities and brands take control of Twitter accounts with @Twylah. http://t.co/D1c7lMG VIDEO LOOK, social media gurus PAY ATTENTION!” Robert Scoble @scobleizer

“Super-easy to use and a much better storefront for your Twitter brand than the somewhat wonky Twitter stream.” As seen in CNN @cnn 

“Twylah is a great way for websites, products, venues, and even individuals to create one page, which sums up what they’re about.”The Next Web @thenextweb

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How To Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Some of us simply have to learn by doing.  Others have the ability to learn from watching others make mistakes.  Hopefully you’re one that learns from reading this, watching the video, and then applying what you learn in the next 5 minutes to a life-long process of trying to succeed!

In this video, Scott Stratten shares an excellent point of view.  This is undeniably a topic and concept that every small and large business owner who uses today’s technology and tools for marketing and advertising, needs to understand.  Your BIGGEST take-away will be to “Think Things Through” and don’t just do it because you can or because everyone else is or does…

“How we need to stop the misuse of social media, QR codes and misleading statements in advertising, especially real estate.”

10 Twitter Myths – There Are NO Rules!

Everybody starts on Twitter brand new and with a blank slate. Some of us are a bit lost, confused, maybe even a little scared not knowing exactly what we are doing and where we are going or hope to end up? Every member on Twitter starts with 0 followers, following 0 others, and has 0 Tweets.

Once the micro-blogging opinionation process begins, so do the concerns, the fears, and the myths you’ll begin to imagine and hear from others seem to sprout up out of nowhere. Twitter IS for everyone and if not, then it is for NO ONE! There is no right way, no manual, and there are no rules.

There is only ONE TWITTER and ONE YOU
and the greatest thing between you both is how you uniquely use the site and tool to establish your own uses and success stories. It’s Myths that will keep you from moving forward, backward, and just moving anywhere at all. Here’s 10 Myths about Twitter and how to overcome them.

Twitter Myths
View more presentations from Effect Works

#1 Complaint About Twitter Is…

The whale looks far too happy for a site that is down and broken.

Besides, don’t whales need to be kept “In The Water” to Live?  Not sure what message Twitter is trying to make here, not sure anyone even put any thought into this message, but considering that Twitter is one of the Top 5 LARGEST Social Media platforms on the web, this has to be the #1 complaint we hear about Twitter all the time, something we know everyone would love to have them fix!

How Big Is Twitter?

How Big is Twitter? This is without a doubt the largest “Twitter related” graphic I have ever embedded into an ActiveRain blog post. If you printed twitter today, here’s some great comparisons of what that might look like with a really good printer! LOL~ I’m not sure how accurate this comparison is, but I did find this very interesting.


If You Printed Twitter
Infographic by Cartridge SaveMy first tip and suggestion for 2011? DON’T PRINT Twitter! I’d love to see a similar comparison for someone considering printing Facebook, I’m willing to bet that it would most likely consume the earth’s entire source of paper and require every printer cartridge on the planet?!?

Just some food for thought….

If you’re looking for some “useful” Twitter facts & tips, here’s a site with nearly 25,000 people contributing and sharing their ideas with each other. I have found some great tips and articles here: TFollower.com

Following Others On Twitter Without an Account – Twitter Fast Follow

Twitter has a new feature called “Fast Follow which allows you to follow people on Twitter via SMS (short Message Service) and you don’t even need to have a Twitter account to do this. I know that many Real Estate Industry professionals are still trying to get their arms around the concept of how to use Twitter effectively, but with this new feature, at least you can follow those who are posting valuable information and content for their followers.

Just text “follow + TwitterUsername” to Twitters “Fast Follow” at #40404 and you’ll receive text updates from that user right on your smart phone. You may want to be selective, especially if you pay for your individual text messages on a limited phone plan.

Fast Follow seems like something that will appeal to those wanting to maximize social media advertising, but imagine all the passive non twitter users out there who want to receive information and updates from their favorite people, brands, and companies, but have no desire whatsoever to tweet themselves.

Now I know that you avid twitter users out there will instinctively want to try this out by following yourselves first to test it out, but the text message you’ll get back might mess up your day and your ego along with it! lol~

Take a look and see if this is something that might work for you in your quest to get relevant content from those you believe provide it, and at the same time, see how other individuals and companies are using twitter to gain readers, followers, and grow relationships and business.

Check out the Twitter Blog for more details on their new “Fast Follow” SMS feature.  Should I tweet this too?!

32 Tweeter Twitter Tips

Do you use Twitter?If so, how? If not, why? Do you even need to be on Twitter? Since the birth of the site, these are age old questions that have been and will continually be asked regarding the popular micro-blogging social network. Millions are on Twitter, but how many use it effectively?

The following tips may very well helpto save you time, money, and frustration if you’re considering diving into the twitter-sphere as so many other business owners have. The following tips were given to a tweeter when they asked for advice on “How To Use Twitter” with the best tips their twitter friends/followers could offer? This is yet another great way to use twitter.

If that’s not enough, here’s another 140 Twitter Tips:

Do you have a question about Twitter or any other site, application, product or service? Try using Twitter to ask your question, create a discussion, and get fast and valuable information about pretty much anything you want to know? Keep in mind that there are always people willing to share their findings, tips, and solutions with you and the best part is that they’ll do it for free!

Creating A Custom Twitter Background

How To Create A Custom Twitter Background

Many Twitter users have a custom background for their personal or business profile page on Twitter.  There are many sites that offer FREE Twitter Backgrounds for your page, but have you considered creating one of your own that is unique and customized?

In this video is the instructions to create a custom background for your Twitter page with an explanation of the differences you’ll need to know about when designing your custom page.


There are other applications you can use to create and edit images, backgrounds, and graphics etc. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, you can try Gimp, which is a free download and very similar to Photoshop.

For online options, try Picnik.com or Bannerfans.com. One of our personal favorites and very inexpensive applications is Paint Shop Pro.

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