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Revolving Map Traffic & Stats Widget

In my daily quest and research endeavors for new widgets and gadgets, I stumbled across a pretty cool little widget that adds some movement to your page, captures the attention of your visitors with its unique “global” appearance and rotation, and tracks your visitors and traffic all while being simple to install and easy on the eyes.

You can set one up yourself by going over to Revolving Maps and selecting the globe you want, pick a size that works best for placement on your Blog, website, or sidebar, choose your favorite color for visitors impressions, and select your favorite background color, then just grab the embed code and paste it onto your desired site.

Widgets can be fun, useful, and provide some crazy value to your site but be careful because they can also slow it down, lock up your site if you have too many, and cost you traffic and business if you’re not selective and conservative in your choices and placement.


Top 5 Contact Widgets for Blogs

Creating great content for your subscribers and readers, (and the search engines) is one of the most important things you can do to be successful with your blog or website. It may not be the most important though… One of the other major components is the “Call To Action” or the “Opportunity To Connect” At the end of the day, aren’t you trying to “connect” with your target audience?

I have discovered that if your great content cultivates eyeballs and traffic, but you have no way to capture and convert those inquiring visitors, then not all but much is lost. That’s why I want to share these Top 5 contact Widgets and tools. I’ve researched and used these and know they can increase your chances or at least the potential of capturing connecting with those whom you’re trying to reach.

#1 – Google Voice

Google voice allows visitors to contact you over the phone and for FREE. If yo miss their call, the message is conveniently converted to text and sent to your mobile device via email provided you set it up that way. The voicemail recordings can be forwarded quickly to expedite specific requests, and multiple phone lines can all lead into one easy to use FREE phone number. I Love Google voice.

#2 – SMS Text Widget

RETechBlog has one of the greatest text widgets I’ve ever seen. This allows your readers to text you right from the sidebar of yor Blog or website. Heck, you can place this little widget just about anywhere and start receiving text messages before you even save it to your site. When I had this installed on my AR Blog, the first day I recieved hundreds of text messages from members and had to take it down.

#3 – Zopim Chat

Now chat might seem a thing of the past to some of you, but having access to a real person when you need one can be priceless. The larger companies online these days offer this service to their customers because they know the importance of getting their clients the answers they need in a more than just timely manner. Customers want it NOW, and they want it from experienced and real people.

#4 – Contact Me Form

Zillow’s “Contact Me” form can be totally customized and personalized to tap into your target or niche audiences’ needs. Try adding a bit of emotion or something that truly creates a significant call to action, something that your reader can really relate to and you’ll be surprised how often this old fashioned but classic form of contact will work for them and for you.

#5 – Google Me

Now this one is a little tricky but VERY cool.

Google me is simply a link to any graphic or image that intrigues your reader enough to click on the image. Everything else happens automatically. There is a site known as “Let Me Google That For You” which you’ll find at LMGTFY.com. Just type in your name or specific keywords where you show up at the top of Google, and watch the magic work. This also is useful when you don’t want your competition to show up anywhere on the Google search results page.

  • Go ahead, click on the card above and see what happens???

Would you keep on fishing in a lake if you only had great bait but no hooks to catch the fish? You may be #1 on Google, you may get 1000 views on your site per day, but if you’re not making a few trips to the bank once in a while, you may want to consider adding some tools like these to your tackle box. Contact Widgets really are the unsung heroes and they can pack a pretty powerful punch. I hope these will bring you closer to that trip to the bank. ūüôā

Top 30 Widgets for Business

These are just a few of the widgets I’d like to share with my friends and readers.¬† In the past 3 or so years, I have probably installed well over 1000 widgets on different sites and blogs.¬† I have also deleted 95% of them because they didn’t deliver the expected value our audiences were seeking.

Later next month I’ll be posting the top 100 widgets for any business, but here’s an appetizer to hold some of you over.¬† Thanks for your patience to those of you who have been bugging the “you know what” out of me to put this up.¬† Finally, here it is:

An ActiveRain Conduit – Toolbar for Your WEB Browser

The ActiveRain Conduit – A Nifty Toolbar for Your Internet WEB Browser

This may be one of my coolest and greatest inventions EVER!! If you can believe that… lol~

ActiveRain members and even non-members should consider adding this toolbar to their Internet WEB Browsers.¬† It will work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.¬† The toolbar gives you easy and instant access to some of the most viewed pages and important helpful tools on ActiveRain.¬† I think you’ll find it to be a very useful tool.¬† Here’s some of the features and cool stuff it has:

The ActiveRain Real Estate Network Toolbar – Will help you “Stay Connected” easily and instantly.

  • Access ActiveRain.com with a single click
  • Pull-Down menu to select from ALL Industry Affiliates
  • Search the AR Network for members or any topic
  • One Click Access to Important Member “Must Read” info
  • HELP Menu for Manuals, Guides, Training & Support
  • Easy Access to AR Features from an RSS menu
  • Link to Search and Sort ALL ActiveRain Blog Posts
  • One-Click Access to the ActiveRain Staff and Team
  • Live Updates, Announcements & ActiveRain Broadcasts

You can easily download the toolbar for your specific browsers and remove it just as easily if needed.¬† Take a moment to try it out, see some things you may not have known existed, and let me know what you think?¬† Once you download the toolbar and add it to your browser, you’ll see how easy it is.¬† Most likely, your “wheels” will start spinning and you’ll be wondering how you can create a “custom toolbar” for your Site, Services, Blog, or Clients Browsers?¬† I’ll show you how, and the best part is that it’s easy and FREE!

I hope you’ll check it out,¬† I’m really excited about this one… ūüôā

Select YOUR Browser below to Install the AR Toolbar

3 New Widgets – Add Value To Your Site

I’m really excited to announce 3 new widgets that launched this past week.¬† Each of them offers great value to you and to your visitors.¬† Let me show you each of them so you can decide if they are something you would be able to use on your sites and blogs, or that your clients might like to see. I’ll be installing the contact form generator as soon as this post goes public, it’s one of my favorites.¬† Why?¬† Because it has the potential of capturing contacts that can be converted to clients at a later time.¬† Plus, they’re all FREE.

Since I mentioned it first, here is the “contact form widget” which has great potential of helping you capture contacts.¬† The reason this one is one of my favorites is because I strongly believe that you’re wasting your time on the web if you don’t have a capturing tool in place on your website or blogs.¬† You may be able to cultivate eyeballs to your sites with great content, even be #1 on Google, but if you’re not able or at least attempting to capture contacts, then it just doesn’t seem to add up in my opinion.

You can customize these widgets to look and say whatever you want.

This second widget is the “rental map widget” and it’s very consumer friendly. It’s perfect for those relocating to your area who might need to rent before they make the decision where they want to own?¬† Look at all the rental properties that are now available all across the country, imagine being the connection between consumers needing to rent and helping them make the best choices where to eventually own?¬† I see huge potential in providing this type of value to your clients and readers.

The third widget is the “agent reputation widget” that every agent should have on their sidebar, blog, website, social profiles etc.¬† It’s the next best thing to a word of mouth referral.¬† We all know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to try and sell ourselves and our services all the time, so letting others help in this area is more than just a convenience.¬† Client testimonials and reviews are a primary tool for driving more traffic, contacts to your site, and business to your bottom line.¬† For example: On Zillow, 1 Review = 75% more contacts than agents with 0 reviews, and 5+ Reviews = 150% more contacts than agents with 0 reviews.

All these widgets are brand new and FREE. Each of them comes with the ability to be customized, re-sized, color coded and branded to your liking, but the most valuable piece is the co-branding.¬† Every time someone visits your Blog or site and uses the widget, if they end up going to Zillow’s site from your widget, you will appear at the top of every page no matter what page they’re looking at.¬† This is a great opportunity to stay in front of your target audience and potential clients even when they’re not on your site.

(your photo, company, contact info, phone number, and links will appear on Zillow like sample above)

Like these widgets? Then you’ll love these others as well. Take a peek at ALL the Real Estate Widgets.

Widgets: How to Add Them to Your Blog

 How do you add “Widgets”¬†to your Active Rain Blog?¬† You can only add¬†them to either your profile page, your posts, or in the right side column¬†on your main Blog page.¬† These instructions are to add a Widget to your Blog under your photo, the same as you see¬†on mine.

The first step is to select a “Widget” that you’d like to add to your blog.¬† All Widgets will require you to use the HTML code provided by that Widget, and then¬†paste it into Active Rain.¬† If you would like to see some samples of the Widgets I have previously used, you can click here .¬† All these Widgets are FREE.¬† You just need to register with them to get the HTML codes.

***WARNING: Be careful using too many Widgets, they can cause your Blog to load slower on older computers “Blogging them down”, therefore, causing readers and members¬†to not come back¬†and view your posts.¬† Too many Widgets can do more harm than good.¬† See:¬†“Widgets can be hazardous to¬†YOU and your readers!” DETAILS>>>

To add a Widget, I am going to use the TopBlogArea widget as a sample:¬† It looks like:¬†¬†¬† ¬†Real Estate blogs This is a just a little Widget that is used to track your Blog, and see what position you are in on the web.¬† It’s also known as a chicklet.



Go to the Widget Website TopBlogArea to sign up, register, and get the HTML code:
(open the link in a new window so you can still read these steps)

a. Click on “Register an Account”

b.Add your information about you and your Blog

c.Complete other information IE: Blog Category, Blog Name, Blog URL, Blog Description etc.

*NOTE:(Your URL is http://activerain.com/blogs/YourUserNameHere ) Your RSS Feed will be the same.

d. Click on “Get HTML Code” It will look something like below:

<!– TopBlogArea.com START –><a href=”http://www.topblogarea.com/real_estate/” title=”Real Estate blogs”><img border=”0″ src=”http://www.topblogarea.com/tracker.php?do=in&id=8242″ alt=”Top Real Estate blogs”></a><!– TopBlogArea.com END –>

e. Highlight and select ALL the HTML code with your mouse, and then press  CTRL + C to copy.

Now you’re ready to paste¬†into your Active Rain Blog!



Now that you have copied the HTML code, you need to paste it into the proper place on Active Rain.

a. Click on “My Profile” in Active Rain (that means your profile, not mine) LOL!

b. Next, Click on “My Settings”

c. Now paste the HTML code by using the CTRL + V on your keyboard in the “Blog Description” box just below the
Blog Title box as shown below:


Now click on “My Blog” to review your Widget.¬† It should be on the right hand column,¬†just under your photo.

THAT’s IT! You’re Done! ~¬† Now you¬†can use this same process to add “ANY” Widget to your Active Rain Blog.

Here are some others “Widgets” and links you may be interested in:

For Hundreds of Widgets, GO TO WidgetWorld or WidgetBox.¬† See¬† Missy Caulk’s post: “Why I Love These Little Guys”


*TIP: You can adjust the sizes of your Widgets and graphics in the HTML code.¬† Height=”350″ and Width=”500″ can always be changed to any size you like.¬† Just change the number between the quotations¬†”¬†¬† “. ¬†Be careful of the LARGE Widgets, they’ll run your photo and Blog right off the screen. I use around “150” max width to be safe.

*TIP II: If you want your Widgets to be centered, you’ll need to use an HTML code <center> at the beginning and </center> at the end of your HTML code.¬† This will center ONLY the widget, and NOT everything else, like your links, your tags,¬†or anything else above or below your widget.

See the sample HTML below…
<center><!– TopBlogArea.com START –><a href=”http://www.topblogarea.com/real_estate/” title=”Real Estate blogs”><img border=”0″ src=”http://www.topblogarea.com/tracker.php?do=in&id=8242″ alt=”Top Real Estate blogs”></a><!– TopBlogArea.com END –></center>

You can also use Widgets on your profile page. If you do use Widgets, be selective.  They can be fun, cute and even entertaining, but they can also be distracting, annoying and irritating.  Always use moderation and good judgement.  Change them around and update them often.  There are some great Widgets out there and I am sure that with Apple leading the Widget and Gizmo way, there will soon be many more to choose from.  Good luck, and good Widgets!

This post is for Seth Callen, a new member on Active Rain who specifically requested this.
Paying it forward, “Active Rain Style!”


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