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Best Kept Secrets and Answers

Best Kept Secrets and Answers

How do you find the best kept secrets and answers to your most difficult questions and challenges? It used to be that if you wanted to know about something, or learn something new about a particular topic, you had to go to the library or to a school that offered a class!?

Today, all you have to do is go to the Internet and Google it.  The only problem is that Google returns thousands, even millions of pages with the same keywords and search terms as yours, and just how certain can you really be that the information you find is correct, or even accurate?

The same goes with all the other search engines, but how do you filter out the junk from the valuable and legit content?  Well, it’s easy.

Best Kept Secrets on Youtube

YouTube Video is about the most solid search engine that returns the most credible content!  Why YouTube you ask?  Because seeing is believing and when you watch most things and tutorials in a video, it’s more relevant, easier to understand and believe, and it removes the potential of one to wonder off within their own imagination.  While the comments on YouTube are ungoverned and quite atrocious, the video content is for the most part… Amazing!

I learned how to play the ukulele on YouTube.  My wife learned how to sew with her sewing machine on YouTube.  A friend of ours learned how to best change his baby’s diaper on YouTube. And today, I found the answer to the best kept secret in the world on YouTube.  “The Best Kept Secret of the Dollar!”  This one will really get you thinking.

Go ahead, try it! Search YouTube just as you would Google, Yahoo, or MSN for ANYTHING and see what you get?  Then compare it to your other search engine findings.  Even the search engines are now showing videos from YouTube as results in the top of their search engine results pages.

Youtube Partner Promotion

Youtube’s New Partnership Promotion

Since Youtube members and video creators are the true heart and soul of Youtube, they’ve now recognized the content creators value to their platform, and have just launched a partnership promotion program for users. Since getting views is what Youtube believes is a users top priority, they’ve come up with this new idea and plan.

The new program reaches a variety of new users in and around the Youtube platform and outside the Youtube walls on other websites and platforms where video is being played, the Google Display Network being one of them.  Video as ad minutes?  That’s right, watch the video below for more details.


If you want to allow your Youtube Channel to participate in Youtube’s offsite partner promotion, just CLICK HERE, read the details, and click on the “save” button at the bottom of the page. That’s it! Now just sit back, relax, and let the network with reach to 92% of Internet users do their thang!!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 8.42.15 AM

10 Top Ways and Tools to Use Video

Video is a powerful way to deliver any message to any audience.

Since the birth of television, video (both recorded and live) has been the #1 media platform to reach any target audience anywhere across the globe. Now, with Internet access and the ability for anyone to post video for FREE, it’s amazing that more people aren’t taking advantage of this huge target marketing and advertising opportunity.

10 Top ways and ideas how to use Video in your community and business today:

Brand Yourself – Create a 1-3 min. short video about YOU. The best approach here is to do it interview style and have 1 of your fellow agents interview you. This will be easier for you as well.  Just write down 10 questions that you want them to ask and then start recording.

Home Buying Tips – What are the Top 20 Buying Tips you could share with a potential buyer? Write these down and create a series of videos. This will give you content for a long time and Best of All you are Branding yourself as the Expert in your market place.

Home Selling Tips – What are the Top 20 Selling Tips you could share with a home seller? Same as above. Write these down and create another series of videos.  Ideas: Using Video to market , Stage your home, How to land on the best price, Landscape, etc…

Client Testimonials – Once again we bring in Branding. Now your clients are going to Brand you as the expert. Do this on the day of closing. Just get a quick 30-60 sec. Testimonial. Make sure you talk with them prior to springing the camera on them. You’ll have video testimonials for your websites and blogs.

Community/Neighborhood Tours – What are the Top 10 Neighborhoods in your market that are currently moving inventory? Create 3-5 min. video montage of the Community/Neighborhood. No need to worry, I will walk you through this and assist you in creating fantastic tours.

Community/Local Events – What are the Top 25 Events in your Market? Let’s create 2-3 min. montage videos of these events. Christmas Parade, 4th of July, Farmers Markets, Art and Music festivals, etc…. Local events are some of the most seasonally searched on the web.

Schools – Meet with the principal of each of your local schools and create a 2-3 min. interview all about the school.  Use sites like screenr.com to create videos about schools scores, ratings, top awards etc. that can be acquired from sites like greatschools.org and others.

Interview local business owners – Each month sit down with a local business owner and create an interview about there business. This will provide you with amazing content and extremely Strong Relationships with the business community.

Glossary of Terms – What the Heck is CRS, ABR, CRE? How about Escrow, The Closing Process – There are so many terms in the real estate world that you can do a video on. Write down the Top 25 and create a series of videos on Real Estate Terms.

Your Partners – The people you work with the most such as Home Inspectors, Mortgage, Radon, Home Stager etc. Let’s create a video series about 2-3 min. each featuring these partners.


Here are some FREE sites and tools that will be useful as you dive into the video realm. As you explore some of these, you’ll discover many creative ways to take your video experiences to the next level making the message you’re trying to deliver more powerful and much more fun for your viewers and target audiences.

1. Start off by understanding the History and Facts about Video and Youtube

2. See what some companies are doing with their Youtube Channels to enhance the experience.

3. Tom Ferry explains the importance and “POWER” of Video in your Business.

4. Google Maps proves that video is a Global Powerhouse for content exposure.  (Just add latitude and longitude to your videos on Youtube and your video could also appear on Google maps.)

5. Create a FREE Business Video Blog.  This one is #1 on Google for “Real Estate Video Blogs”

6. Syndicate your Video across a multitude of Video Hosting sites with TubeMogul.

7. Get a FREE Offline Video conversion software to convert your videos into any format.

8. Convert any video or ANYTHING to ANY format online using Zamzar.

9. Create video by selecting characters and simply typing text with Xtranormal.com.

10. Article Video Robot can convert your text articles into video.

Bonus: Video email and Video Conferencing made easy using IwowWe.com

Bonus II: Create your own search Google video stories with Youtube’s Search Story tools.

Bonus III: Need Royalty FREE Music for your videos?  Incompetech has a large library and variety.

Online video editing tools, sites, and products to make your videos look PRO!

Finally, Youtube’s TestTube, some unique and awesome features/tools you don’t want to miss.

Is Gen Y Tech Savvy or Dependent

This week is the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) EXPO in San Jose California.

One of the luncheon speakers this year was guest Jason Dorsey, a recognized “Gen Y” representative who spoke to the group about how Gen Y IS ready to buy. 

The information Jason shared in a more than enthusiastic and exciting manner was well received by the audience but more importantly was “DEAD ON” regarding the Gen Y culture and mentality.

If you were there, you know exactly what I’m talking about and if not… I’m sorry you missed out.

Here’s a few short minutes of Jason’s presentation that will give you a small dose of Jason’s knowledge, humor, and accuracy of the “Generation Y” that’s ready to buy. Listen closely to what he says regarding trust, tech savvy, communication, experts, and who the most trusted website is for Generation Y.

“Technology has fundamentally changed how we communicate”  Jason Dorsey

Is there a gap between “Gen Y” and YOUR generation?  Do you feel that “Gen Y” speaks a different language, dances to a different beat, or thinks differently than you or I might think?  Have you looked at the numbers, done the research, and considered some of the facts surrounding the “Y” Generation?

Once you see this, you’ll realize that the tools available can and will make a difference if you decide to seize the opportunity.  Why should you care? Your future business may depend on it.

This will most likely open some eyes and minds to the “Gen Y” mentality.  Inspire some to perform more research into the “Gen Y” buyer, seller, renter, and investor. And lastly, motivate you NOT to miss Real Estate events like this when they come to your area. 🙂

Googles New Youtube Reaction on Video

Google, the proud owners of Youtube launched the new “Reaction” feature today on Youtube videos.  Based on what I’ve already seen today on some of my Youtube videos, there’s definitely some mixed reactions not only with the use of this new feature, but the reactions within the feature as well.

Google & Youtube employees are watching and listening close to your responses, comments, and REACTIONS.  Here’s a snippet from YouTube’s help forum announcing the new feature along with addressing some comments from Youtube viewers and users.

“Hello everyone!

You may notice a new feature we added to commenting on YouTube today. Directly next to the comments section when you are watching a video, you’ll find the reactions section. This feature provides a quick way to share your reactions about particular videos and view a concise tally of other users’ reactions. Reactions allow users to react to videos, while hopefully keeping the comments section focused on more meaningful conversations. We created these “tags” from the top short comments left on YouTube. Reactions will also help videos show up more frequently across the site– in browse, search and recommended videos– allowing users to find interesting new videos to watch. 

A few more details:
* You must be signed-in to use the feature
* You can only vote on a video once
* Reactions are only visible through the drop-down menu and nowhere else on the site
* Reactions are linked to comments– if you want to disable reactions on a video of yours, please disable comments

We’re definitely still working on this feature and will be making some changes, so please give us feedback!

Alyssa” (Google Employee)

See Original Posting and Comments Here

So what exactly is the purpose of this new feature?  Will it help or hurt your video’s exposure, ranking or SEO?  Does anyone really care about the reactions of others and isn’t that what the commenting section is for anyway?  Only time will tell what this new feature will evolve to but my first “reaction” is very neutral at this point until I see its true value and understand the real benefits or faults of its use over time.

I do love that Google and Youtube are always striving for bigger, better, faster, and more efficient ways to improve the online user experience, I’m just not sold on this particular feature as falling into any of those categories.

Just my two cents…

Creating Your Prezi-Cool Presentation

Prezi.com is an online site and platform that allows you to create some really cool presentations.  To be honest, this style of presentation  adds another level and perspective to those boring old PowerPoint slideshow presentations.  In this demonstration / sample, I used Zillow as the resource for a concept, topic, and content, but then used Prezi to create the “Live 3D” presentation experience.

Once the Prezi was completed, I used Screenflow to create a screencast.  The screencast was then uploaded to iMovie on a MacBook Pro where I was able to add music, transitions, additional titles, and create an MOV file to be uploaded to Youtube.  So here is a sample of 5 different websites and tools used to create one single video presentation.

Youtube and Your Real Estate Videos

Many of us use Youtube to host a variety of Real Estate and personal videos. I noticed that when videos are done playing, in most cases, other videos will pop up on the screen that have a similar topic or title.  Does this hurt or help you?  I guess this depends on how you “see” it, no pun intended.  Having a video on your site or post can certainly help to create a more captive audience, but those next videos that pop up may be having a subtle and adverse affect.

Yesterday, I was watching a Real Estate Video that was really interesting. I watched all 3 minutes of it.  Then, when their video was finished, up came another agents video that had nearly the same title?!?   The second video was a bit more produced, had better sound quality, was clearly a higher quality camera, and seemed to have a better videographer.  Plus, the video was only 1:20 minutes long.  At the end of the “competitors” video was a phone number and annotation that included a call to action.  Hmm…

So how do you prevent your competition and others from coming up on “Your” Youtube videos? Hopefully this tip will help prevent this from ever happening to you…ever again.  When using Youtube Videos on your Blog posts or sites, you might want to take these next steps and precautions before pasting that object embed code.  I’ll use these screen shots below as examples in hopes this makes more sense.

You want this: Not This:

When you get or use ANY video from Youtube, there are some options available you may not be aware of.  This will come in very handy if you’re uploading your own or using any videos from youtube.   When you create or find the video you wish to link or embed into your site, you’ll see these options available located on the right side of the video.

Top Line is the URL used to provide a link to the video

Bottom Line is the embed code used to embed on your site

There is a tiny graphic just to the right of the embed code (a settings gear) that little blue thingy that probably 90 percent of people never see.  Click On it!  This allows you to customize and make changes to the video and player.

This is the culprit right here.

If you leave that box checked, you’ll have no control over what shows up after your video plays.  If you leave it checked, you’re taking a chance on having some videos pop up that might not “Best represent” you, your Blog or the site it’s being seen on.

This is happening with and to millions of videos, and they call it viral.  Can you see why now?

Once you get this out of the way, you can also customize your Video by changing the size and adding a custom border.  Just click on that “settings” graphic and it’s all there.  I suggest the 445×365 or 500×405 for ActiveRain Blogs.  Only copy the embed code for your video “AFTER” you have completed these steps, that is unless of course you don’t mind what videos come up after yours.

The video below is my 13 second claim to fame. It’s short, raw, and took me the least amount of time and effort to create other than getting to the place where I shot it.  Because it is titled “The Glory Hole” or “The Black Hole” you can imagine some of the other videos that would pop up in the viewer after mine. :-O  I sure didn’t want Mom to see some of those other videos that were supposedly related.  Yikes!  We won’t go there today.  This little video has had over half a million views with nearly 1000 comments.  Question is, where did they go and what did they see after mine…or YOURS?



This is what might happen to some of your “Rain Making Efforts” if you’re not real careful out there….

Youtube Video Channels – There’s More That Meets The Eye

Introductions, Education, Information, Tools, Tips, News and Views are what many people on the Internet are still searching for and seeking out.  That’s exactly what we’re trying to provide for our Youtube “Video” visitors and guests, and you should be too. Youtube is STILL one of the top “most searched sites” on the Web.

Having just returned from the New York MLS Tech Fair in Long Island where I moderated a “Social Media & Video” panel of experts, I felt compelled to get this message out there to Real Estate Industry professionals who have not yet jumped onto the “YOU Tuber” or “Vlogging” video wagon. Experts also advised just “DO IT!”

Take a look at the videos in this Cooliris player: Our very own Michael at Inman’s Agent Reboot sharing some great information and tips about tools we offer, Spencer introducing himself, a Premier Agent giving their points and views and more. A great combination and variety of different people with unique and transparent personalities and opinions all delivered as a “visual” instead of in writing or text.

So are YOU using video and YOUR Youtube Channels to get found and deliver your message?

This multi-video player below is a great way to get numerous videos out to your readers in a single Blog post, page, or website. It’s made by Cooliris and as you can see is very user friendly.  You’re also less likely to lose your hard earned and sought after traffic to the competition, just be sure to always provide the very best content you can create, find, and offer on your video channels.

Take a moment to view some of these videos and then subscribe. You won’t want to miss some of the new stuff that’s coming up in the weeks and months ahead. If you want to embed a Youtube Channel Player like this Coolris player into your Blog or website, it’s easy.  Just let me know and I’ll hook you up.  I’m doing a “How-To-Widget” webinar on October 25th at 11:00am (PST) and I’ll make sure you’re invited to be one of our guests.

Youtube Video and Cooliris? Another Great “Visual” Way To Share.  Have a great weekend~

Embed Youtube Video into Google Maps

How To Embed Your Youtube Video into Google Maps

We had over 700 people register for the Youtube Video and Blogging Classes we held over at ActiveRain University this last month. In these sessions, we covered how to create and use video more effectively for your Blogs and websites. We shared some cool tips and important tools regarding the use of video and how to get the most out of Youtube’s new look and their added features.

The one thing we didn’t have time to teach was “How To Embed Your Youtube Video into Google Maps”, then How to embed the “Interactive Map” with your video into a Blog post or website.


SO HERE’S THE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MANY OF YOU WHO ASKED:You’ll need a Youtube account, if you don’t have one, set one up, it’s FREE.  You’ll also need a Google Account to sign in and save your maps. If you don’t have one, set one up, it’s FREE too.

Step 1: Upload your video to Youtube.com

Step 2: Select the video you want to embed into Google Maps

Step 3: Copy the embed HTML code from the Youtube Video
(it should look something like this)

Step 4: Go to maps.google.com and click the “My Maps” Link

Step 5: Click on the “Create New Map” link

Step 6: Search the map to find the exact location where you want your video to appear
(zoom in close to find exact location)

Step 7: In the “Edit” mode, click on the placemark icon and place it on the map

Step 8: Click on the “edit HTML” link and add youtube embed code into description box.

Step 9: Give your marker and description box a “Title” and click “ok” and then “Done

Step 10: Your video will now appear on Google Maps and can also be viewed on Google Earth

Now, to embed the saved Video and saved Map into your Blog or website, click on the “Link” located in the upper right corner and copy the embed code from Google Maps.  Next, place the embed code in your Blog post (using the HTML tab) or on your website and save.  This will put the interactive map including the video into your post or on your web-page.  Visitors can now watch the video from within your interactive map, and never even leave your post or site.

The best part is that even if you don’t embed the iframe map into your Blog or website, the video is still attached to Google Maps and can be viewed by anyone who clicks on the video from within the Google Maps page.  Here’s what the completed project will look like in a Blog Post.  Try doing this with your community videos, your virtual tours, your travel videos, any video you’ve created that you want to show up on Google Maps.

Be sure to turn down your volume if you hit play, this video is pretty loud.


View The Black Hole – The Glory Hole in a larger map