Welcome to Brad Andersohn's assortment of personal and professional recordings done over the past many years.  Brad is a Producer, Engineer, Writer, Musician, Teacher and Performer. His mainstream sound on guitar echoes throughout his work. Take a listen for yourself.  He now invites his friends and family to enjoy timeless songs! 

Brad & Debra Andersohn
"Breakdown The Walls" 
The Deal
"Lessons In Life"
New Life Band
"In The Beginning"
Debra & Brad Andersohn
"Sent From God" 
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Summit Road Band
"Taken The High Road"
New Life Band
"Live In Santa Cruz"
Rare Breed
"Rare Breed Greatest Hits"
New Life Band
"A Rising Generation"
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Brand NEW Release "Realtor Blues" 2006
Now Available!


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 Also Coming soon....Brad's Solo album entitled "Search & Rescue"  

|Hear some Pre-Production Tracks|
Search and Rescue
Star Struck (Guitarmaggeden)

You Are Good
4th and Long
World Re-Union
Thingus *(From OKKKF DVD)
Let It Go *(From Kailua)

*****To Be Released in Summer 2007*****

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