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PicMonkey Launches Photo Editing

PicMonkey is the newest FREE online photo and graphics editor to the Internet scene.

PicNik.com closing has created quite a ruckus, but there are so many great replacement sites and PicMonkey is another one to watch and add to your photo-editors list.  The features and tools are very easy to use and navigating around the site couldn’t be made any easier.

Unlike many of the other FREE photo editing sites, there is no registration required at PicMonkey and you can begin editing and manipulating images and effects as soon as you land on their site. Everything is literally point-and-click ending with the ability to save in a multitude of formats and sizes.

Here’s a few of the cool features available:

The Upside of PicMonkey

What I like most about PicMonkey is that the team and creators are dedicated and committed to adding new features and enhancing the site going forward.  There is no guaranty that Google won’t come along and try to buy them up and then close them down like they did PicNik.com, but I can attest that PicMonkey has done a great job with this launch and I see them as a TOP PLAYER in the online photo editing arena.

The Downside of PicMonkey

Some of the advanced features require an upgrade, and while they are offering it now for free, there is no mention of when it will become fee based or subscription based nor how much it will cost when it does.  They want to get you hooked and addicted, then eventually have you helping them make trips to the bank to make deposits.

iPiccy Is Picnik’s Closest Replacement

In a hurried scramble last week to find a replacement for the Picnik.com closure in April, I had written an article featuring 7 FREE photo and graphic editing sites.  Some readers were hoping to actually find a replacement editor that was similar or at least closer to the look and feel of Picnik’s site.

Well here it is!  iPiccy.com is the closest you’re going to find to Picnik.com
.  The look and feel are more similar than any other site I’ve seen.  iPiccy might actually be Picnik’s twin brother.  Once you explore the site, you’ll see what I mean.  iPiccy is 100% free, no registration required, and offers many of the same features and benefits that Picnik does and more.  They include a painting module that Picnik didn’t provide.

Grabbing any image or photo is easy.  Just click the appropriate button and GO!  The editing options are endless and the ability to create some really cool customized graphics and images will be limited only by your creativity and of course your time and schedule.  The workspace on iPiccy will be easy to navigate, especially for Picnik users, and will feel just like your old Picnik stomping grounds.

There are multiple effects and single click options at your fingertips.  These will make your photos and images really “POP” and if you use a combination of the wide variety of tools and options available, the possibilities will be endless.

In literally minutes, you’ll be able to adjust your contrast, auto-correct colors, customize images, fix blemishes, remove red-eye, lighten and darken graphics, and even add text overlays, reflections, shadows and more.  Having access and the ability to utilize some really cool effects without being a graphics designer makes iPiccy one of my  TOP CHOICE recommendations.

Here’s what we just put together for our Valentine show next week.

We added a border,
created a matting,
went with  a sepia effect,
added a thick pencil sketching,
made it black and white,
re-sized it keeping constraints,
added a shadow border,
then dropped some text at the bottom and saved to the desktop.
This all took about 3 minutes from beginning to end.


Check out iPiccy.com and compare it to Picnik.  If you’ve never used Picnik, then you’ll have discovered a very cool free online photo and image editing site that you’re going to enjoy.  If you have used Picnik and feel as though you’ll be losing a best friend come April, I can promise that iPiccy will make the hurt a whole lot less.  In fact, some of you will like iPiccy even better than Picnik.