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Real Estate Sales Come From Contacts and Appointments!”
How many contacts and appointments are needed to reach your income goals?


*  Set and Achieve Your Financial Goals

*  Convert Contacts to Clients

*  Stay on Track with Progress Analysis

*  Schedule More Prospect Appointments

*  Track Your Sales for Income Strategy

*  Create Prospecting Road Map

*  Access Tools and Modules for Success

Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Plan

and so much more…

“It WORKS for ANY Agent in ANY area and in ANY Market”

“Agent Assist is a full suite of products that directly and intuitively take you down the path of your future business activities and projected results. It breaks the tasks down to monthly, weekly, and daily activities.  The program updates and recalculates new target levels for contacts, appointments, and closings needed to stay on target with your original plan. My description of the Agent Assist product does not do justice to the value it has added to my renewed enthusiasm to get my plans put into action.  And yes, this is a direct, hardcore recommendation for you to use it and REALLY grow your biz.”

Douglas Moore – Alain Pinel Realtors

“IMHO Agent Assist is one of the best tools any real estate agent could have to keep them on track.  100% guaranteed! This is not an advertisement for this product and I do not make a dime by telling you this. Agent Assist just happens to be one of the best tools I have seen in thirty years of selling and teaching to help keep an agent on track. It utilizes the exact principles I have implemented with all my agents.”

Carra Riley CRB, CRS, GRI – Real Estate Consultant, Author, Speaker

“I found a great new tool for real estate agents called AGENT ASSIST. This program is a full-featured planning tool for agents. It allows agents to plan for success. It is great to want to be successful. However, if you do not have a map to get you there you are spinning your wheels. It allows you to plan for future success based on your current results. You owe it to yourself to check it out.”

Jeff Coros – Century 21 Team LTD

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Download Agent Goal Planner