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Customer Service Quotes To Serve By

Customer service is no longer the hope or expectation, it’s demanded.

It’s the customer experience that matters most.  There are many great companies and organizations in history that have produced and provided incredible service to every customer, and those company’s have lasted long and prosper.  Customer service is the competitive advantage yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Which type of service is easier to remember and share with others, Good or Bad?

Think back to the last service experience you had that was totally amazing, absolutely incredible, and unbelievably memorable?  Now was that easy or hard to do?  What about the worst, most horrific, utterly detestable experience you’ve had?  Every person is different, and therefore need to be treated that way right?

People will forget your name, your company, even what you’ve said, but they will never forget how you made them feel!

Here is a compilation of quotes and wisdom from some of the best in the business.  Use these to “Raise The Bar!”

What is your value statement? Do you have a motto, a quote, words of wisdom to live and serve by? What is the purpose and meaning of your business efforts if there’s no specific mission or ultimate vision for your customers’ to experience? Read these quotes for the first 3 minutes of everyday, and you WILL NOT FAIL!

Here’s my 10 favorite Customer Service Info-Graphics. Use these stats and facts to build a winning business!

  • 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company over a bad customer experience – Click Software
  • 79% of consumers still prefer to use the telephone to interact with a customer service center – Zendesk
  • 21% of social customers will spend more for excellent service vs 11% of non-social customers – Parature
  • 52% of unsatisfied customers spread the word about the bad service they received – Zendesk
  • 97% of surveyed say online experience influenced if they would buy a product or service – Econsultancy
  • 62% of consumers have used social media for customer service issues – Zendesk
  • 72% of consumers have a more favorable view of a company offering a customer service app – Nuance
  • 100% How to calculate customer lifetime value with a step-by-step example at Starbucks – KissMetrics
  • SMM for customer service, with brands like Jetblue and Comcast using it to publicly – Zintro
  • A great collection of the TOP 25 most influential people in the customer service space – MindTouch

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A Message To United Airlines

A Message To United Airlines

As a paying and long time customer of United Airlines, I am posting this message and request in hopes that it will be seen and hopefully considered.  Although I emailed this to your corporate offices, I have not heard any response back as of yet.   At the time this was created, I was standing at your customer service booth at Denver International Airport (see photo below) and to my surprise, there was not a single staff person anywhere in sight to listen to my message or request.

What's Wrong With This Picture?
United Customer Service at 12:30pm in Denver

All I ask is that you would at least consider this idea for your Airline and share this message with each of your pilots and the entire United Airlines staff.  Great Customer Service is and always will be why companies like United Airline’s stay in business.  I have faith and believe that your company will see this as an ideal improvement to United’s passenger customer service. Implementing this idea would most likely keep your passengers and long-term clients like me happy.

Thank you for listening and if by chance you are so inclined to respond, an explanation or some insight as to why this isn’t already a standard procedure for United pilots and flight attendants would be greatly appreciated.