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Call Phones from Gmail – Now We’re Talking!

Call Phones from Gmail – Now We’re Talking!

This is great news folks. The “Inside of the Internet World” just keeps on pushing and reaching out to connect with the “Outside World” and today, there’s a new break-through demonstrating this very point.  Call phones from Gmail, I’m doing it right now as I write this. Anyone care to guess who I’m talking to?  Maybe some bonus points? haha, just kidding… the real point is that Gmail users (and those who will become Gmail users now) will love and benefit from this great new feature. 

Who ever thought we’d be “calling” someone from our “Email” box.  Cool~

Social Media Sites – RealTips for REALTORS

Social Media Sites – RealTips for REALTORSSocial Media SitesTwitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Real Estate Technology Blogs.  See how you can get the most out of these sites by maximizing your presence and efforts using the tools they provide, and by implementing the tips shared by these Social Media Marketing and Networking Experts.twitterTop SEO Tips Every Twitter User Must Know:See How to maximize your Twitter Account for SEOgoogleGoogle Voice for Real Estate:Learn how to use Google Voice for your Business and get an InvitePicture 1YouTube Channel ReDesign for Real Estate Branding:Watch Brian Glick from YouTube as he explains the new Channel designfacebook_20Get The Most out of Your FaceBook Business Page:Mike Mueller shares the value of FaceBook Business PagesrssMy Tech Opinion Creates RSS Feed Widget:Get the Latest and Greatest Real Estate Technology UpdatesBookmark and Share Twitter FriendFeed Facebook Flickr RSS LinkedIn All Networks RSS

Google Voice and Your Real Estate Business

Google Voice and Your Real Estate BusinessGoogle VoiceIf you are looking for more efficient ways to handle your Real Estate related voice mail, Google Voice is something you really should check out.  There are so many options and applications that will assist you with your clients, voice mail, follow-up and leads from new potential customers.Placing the “Call Me” widget on your websites and Blogs will open up a new opportunity to connect with the visitors on your sites and pages.  Some of the key features we like in Google Voice include:

One number for all your calls and SMS

To see how Google Voice works with your phone and for other features, read more…You will need an invite from Google to get your number, Click Here for InviteGoogle Voice WidgetWatch this Google Voice Video

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