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Posterous is Shutting Their Doors

After 5 long years of providing a free platform where you and I could post our content for the world to see and read, Posterous is shutting their doors and turning off their mobile app for good.  YIKES!! Sound familiar?

Google bought Picnik.com, a free online photo editing site, and then did the same thing.  Now Twitter acquired Posterous… are you sensing the online trend?  It can be frustrating for sure, but what do you want/expect for free?

The Big fish eat the little fish, and then it’s the hungry fisherman that suffers.  So who will be affected?

Posterous Millions

Here’s the email going out to those of us who have content on their site. They did a great job of marketing and getting us on board, but now they’re kicking us all off with this warning:

Posterous launched in 2008. Our mission was to make it easier to share photos and connect with your social networks. Since joining Twitter almost one year ago, we’ve been able to continue that journey, building features to help you discover and share what’s happening in the world – on an even larger scale.

On April 30th, we will turn off posterous.com and our mobile apps in order to focus 100% of our efforts on Twitter. This means that as of April 30, Posterous Spaces will no longer be available either to view or to edit.

Right now and over the next couple months until April 30th, you can download all of your Posterous Spaces including your photos, videos, and documents.

Unguided Missile

Here are the steps:

If you want to move your site to another service, WordPress and Squarespace offer importers that can move all of your content over to either service. Just remember: you need to back up your Spaces by April 30.

We’d like to thank the millions of Posterous users who have supported us on our incredible journey. We hope to provide you with as easy a transition as possible, and look forward to seeing you on Twitter. Thank you.

Sachin Agarwal, Founder and CEO

Don’t you wish sites like these shared some kind of warning or subliminal disclaimer up front:

Posterous Disclaimer

Yeah right~ So do I sound disappointed?  Nah… Of course I am!!  I spent a lot of time building my “UnGuided Missile” presence on their platform. I helped promote and support their site the whole way.  But I didn’t buy them, so I guess I’ll be packing my bags like the rest of you and moving on down the road I mean super-highway.

The Unguided Missile Blog
Be sure to “BACKUP” your content as they suggest, or it’s gone forever.  They’ll email you a link to download it when it’s ready.  Don’t get me wrong here, I love Google and Twitter, but I’m taking my Posterous stuff over to WordPress, and I just hope that Google and Twitter aren’t listening, and that they’ve never heard of WordPress!  lol~

Backup Posterous

How To Create a Posterous Group – New Feature at Posterous.com

Do you use Posterous?  Are you uploading photos to your Posterous site from your mobile device? Did you know you can post to Posterous using the email feature?  I started using Posterous when I discovered how easy it is to take a picture with an iPhone (or other mobile device) and upload it to my Posterous site all in under 60 seconds.  I use it frequently when I travel because it’s simple, fast, and very efficient.

Now you can create groups on Posterous and share content with other selected individuals of your choice.  Posterous.com is much like WordPress or Blogger in that it is a blogging platform.  Adding content to your Posterous site online or via a mobile device is sooo easy and now with the ability to create unique groups on the fly, this will really differentiate Posterous from the other on-the-go blogging platforms. 

How To Create a Posterous Group

Step 1

Send an email to newgroup@posterous.com, name your group using the subject line and you’re on your way.

Step 2

Invite those you want to share or contribute to the group via an email and you’re done! Groups can be made public or private, it’s your choice. Here’s a quick video sharing the above steps to help get you started.

Before you create your first group(s), consider all the possibilities and ways you can use this for both personal and business.  I think you’ll agree that this can be quite a useful tool and a great way to share and contribute information on many different levels, and to many different audiences.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • A Photo/Video sharing group for family, friends, or your neighborhood and community.
  • A Podcast or Broadcasting group for sharing audio files, music, podcasts and other sound files.
  • A Company or Business group to share documents, ideas, advertising and marketing concepts.
  • A Technical Support or Blogging group to share tips, tools, and tech tricks with each other.
  • A Social Media FAQ group to learn and share with your select group of associates.
  • A Team group of all your affiliates and associates to discuss and share ideas and referrals.
  • A Group for…(insert your idea here….)

I haven’t created any groups just yet, but I’m about to give it a try. If you’re up to it, share your group with others here, (only if they’re public of course) we’d love to see how your creative ideas and groups evolve.