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Adding Social Media Buttons and Icons – Pushing Your Buttons

Social Media Buttons and Icons – Is Someone Pushing Your Buttons?

During these past few weeks, since adding the “Signature” option to ActiveRain posts, I’ve received so many requests, calls, and emails regarding how to add “Social Media Buttons and Icons” to the footers of Blog Posts.  You’ve probably seen many of the various types and styles other members are using on their Blogs which poses the question, “Where Are They Getting These?” Here’s some sites I’ve found that offer you these custom buttons for FREE.  This includes for personal and commercial use according to their terms and guidelines.

Here are some Links to Literally Thousands of Buttons and Icons:



Instructions For Adding Buttons and Icons to the Signature or Footer of Posts:

Once you’ve downloaded the Social Media Buttons or Icons of your choice, you can add them to your AR Signature Page (including the appropriate links) by going to your “My Home” page on AR, then select the “Settings” link on the left hand sidebar.  Just upload the button or icon into the “Signature” section of the page, add the appropriate link to your image, then click “update” to save. That’s it!

One tip I would suggest is to be careful which Icons you select for some of the Social Networking Sites. If the Icon or Button isn’t a familiar looking one, then visitors might be less likely to click on it.  For example, the cow face, what Social Network or site does that one belong to?  Maybe visitors would click on it just to find out? (LOL~)  With all these Buttons and Icon styles available, one thing for certain is that your signature can be unique.  So have FUN!!

This should give you plenty of options and creative ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 🙂

Social Media Buttons and Icons“The Buttons You Want People To Push!”

32 Tweeter Twitter Tips

Do you use Twitter?If so, how? If not, why? Do you even need to be on Twitter? Since the birth of the site, these are age old questions that have been and will continually be asked regarding the popular micro-blogging social network. Millions are on Twitter, but how many use it effectively?

The following tips may very well helpto save you time, money, and frustration if you’re considering diving into the twitter-sphere as so many other business owners have. The following tips were given to a tweeter when they asked for advice on “How To Use Twitter” with the best tips their twitter friends/followers could offer? This is yet another great way to use twitter.

If that’s not enough, here’s another 140 Twitter Tips:

Do you have a question about Twitter or any other site, application, product or service? Try using Twitter to ask your question, create a discussion, and get fast and valuable information about pretty much anything you want to know? Keep in mind that there are always people willing to share their findings, tips, and solutions with you and the best part is that they’ll do it for free!

Tech Savvy Agent Interviews ActiveRain CEO

Tech Savvy Agent Interviews ActiveRain CEO Jonathan Washburn at the Keller Williams Family Reunion in New Orleans.  Jonathan Washburn discusses tips for the ActiveRain Real Estate Social Network, and shares insight about the much sought after RainCamps that are currently touring the Country.

RainCamp is a one day “magical event” that has recently toured Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Dallas.  Their next stops will be Denver on March 9th, and then Las Vegas on April 1st.  ActiveRain is a Real Estate Network hosting profiles and blogs for their more than 175,000 Real Estate Industry Professionals.

Head on over to ActiveRain.com, read some blogs, join the community, and see what the “buzz” is all about.  You can also find out more about RainCamp by visiting their site at RainCamp.com.  So far we’ve heard nothing but great feedback and compliments about the event.  There’s a RainCamp Squidoo page that hosts many Blogs written about the event along with comments, a live twitter stream, and some pretty cool photos and videos.