5 Best HD Web Videos

The two “Alternate” title’s I considered for this article:

“The Ultimate Life Bucket List” or “Things No Human is Crazy Enough To Do”

The Best of the Web Videos were compiled and produced by Zapatou on Youtube (Director, Actor, and Video Editor) and took between 80-100 hours to compile and create. The time includes: (research, selection and video editing) To get the best results and most of of viewing these videos, I strongly suggest using the full-screen mode, grab a cup of your favorite liquid and a snack, then sit back and relax while trying to take it all in.

Best of the Web Video HD-1 – List of 200 videos in order here: http://on.fb.me/vxKDJA

 Best of the Web Video HD-2 – List of 184 videos in order here: http://bit.ly/ZjwVPH

 Best of the Web Video HD-3 – List of 280 videos used for this compilation: http://bit.ly/UtNvGV

 Best of the Web Video HD-4 – List of 243 videos used for this compilation: http://bit.ly/WVH0m2

 Best of the Web Video HD-5 – List of 187 videos used for this compilation: http://bit.ly/12ViEMZ

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