The First Virtual Real Estate REBarCamp

A Virtual Real Estate BarCampHaving attended numerous REBarCamps all over the Country, and watching them spread like “Viral Wildfire” has been an exciting phenomenon to witness.  Now, with the First Ever Virtual REBarCamp coming up November 17th, 2009, they may never be the same again.  This unique style and platform will provide dozens of industry professionals and experts who will be sharing the very same ideas and concepts that have delivered at the traditional REBarCamps.Virtual REBarCamp LogoPicture 2Topics so far include:

  • Social Media Risk Management
  • Flickr for Real Estate
  • Developing Your Brand
  • Online Advertising Secrets
  • Facebook for Real Estate
  • WordPress Training
  • Daily Goal Tracking
  • Starting a Real Estate Blog

More presenters and topics are being added daily. In conjunction with the Virtual BarCamp, there will be local In-Real-Person Meetups where attendees can come together and share, connect, and network with others who attended the days event.  Kind of like the Tweet-ups you hear about all the time. Anyone can setup and host an after event meet-up.  Some already in place for NC, VA, IL, and OH. What an awesome idea and opportunity this is for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and resources in today’s Real Estate Market and Economy.The event is FREE, just as they are in person, but now you can join, participate, connect, learn, and grow, but from the comfort of your office or home right from your computer. The event is a full-day learning and sharing experience that begins at 9:00am and runs until 4:00pm. PST.   There will be three seperate webinar “Virtual Rooms” each hosting 9 unique presentations for a total of 27 by the end of the day.  You pick, you choose!  We guaranty there will be something of value for everyone no matter who you are or how experienced you are.They are anticipating over 1000+ Industry professionals from all over the Country.You can Register for the “Virtual REBarCamp” HEREFind out more details about the eventCLICK HEREYou’ll never guess who else is coming – FIND OUT HERETopics and Calendar – See Who’s Presenting HEREInterested in Being a Sponsor of the event? GO HEREPicture 4No gas, no commute or driving, no parking fee or event fee, and no limitation to how many can attend. It just doesn’t get any better than this.  If you’re still reading, we hope you’ll take full advantage of this opportunity.  This event may very well change the entire process of how REBarCamps are and will be done in the future.RETechWorld is looking forward to this event,  hope to see you there!Bookmark and Share Twitter FriendFeed Facebook Flickr RSS LinkedIn All Networks RSS

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  1. Stephen – you will be part of History, this will be the first Virtual REBarCamp ever! But you’re always in there on the front lines making History anyways! 🙂 Looking forward to coming down again soon…

  2. Dave – This WAS started and put together by “Tomato” those guys are Rock Diggity!! I’m looking forward to being there. Wait, it’s virtual!?! Being “here and there” is what I meant to say! lol~

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