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While many have discovered sites like and for creating and editing photos and images, there’s still a great program out there called Adobe Photoshop.  Now you’re probably saying yeah, but online sites like Bannerfans and Picnik have free memberships.

While these sites and others do offer some great services, and for FREE, there is another option available if you really want to have an awesome program for photo and image editing.  It’s almost the exact same thing as Adobe Photoshop, it features more tools and tricks than you’ll ever use, and it’s absolutely free.

I’m not sure for how long, so you better run over and download a copy.  The original software, Adobe Photo Shop, will cost you around $500-$600 dollars, and it is packed with great stuff, but that’s expensive and means you’ll have to spend hours learning. Why not get an application that does and looks exactly like Adobe Photoshop, and learn it at your own pace without feeling compelled to try and learn it ALL right away because you spent so much money for it.

If you know anyone who uses or knows photoshop, then your support and help line starts right there, and that’s much better and cheaper than any paid support you’ll ever get over the phone.  Who doesn’t like value for FREE.  You can download the junior version of Adobe Photoshop called Gimp, by CLICKING HERE. If you’re not completely happy with the PC or MAC version, it’s only because there are so many options and tools, you’ll be overwhelmed and possibly lost.

That doesn’t mean I’d throw out a plane for FREE, just because I didn’t know how to fly it.


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We have no stock in this company, we have nothing against any of the sites or companies listed here, we are merely suggesting that there is a great application for FREE out there that works great, looks and feels like Adobe Photoshop, and allows you to create, edit, re-size, colorize, crop, add effects, save as, and modify images, photos, and graphics until your heart’s content.

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