BradsDomain Moves To Genesis

Brad Andersohn and move to Genesis

The search for a great WordPress theme seems to be an on-going endeavor and life-long journey for those of us out in the blogosphere. For some reason, after a period of time, we’re always wanting more for our sites and blogs. I have seen and tried so many themes and CSS style sheets in the past, but I think I may have finally found the ideal WP theme.

Genesis by Studiopress.

I am by no means an expert on Wordpres
s, nor am I a designer, a programmer, or geek when it comes to HTML, CSS, PHP and all that other technobabble jargon, that’s why I’m always looking for the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to create and build a simple yet useful blogging site or platform.  I want all the work done for me already. Finding a theme that already has a strong foundation built has kept me searching for quite some time.

The Genesis WordPress Theme offers an awesome foundation to build on.  There are many easy to use tools and anyone who has dabbled in WordPress for any length of time will find the layouts and structure to be quite intuitive.  The framework is not complicated and the choice of child themes (multiple selection of layouts) makes customizing your site easy and fun.  I finally made the switch on converting my website here to a Blog, and now I’ve made the switch to using Genesis as my theme. 

It’s clean, efficient, SEO steady and ready, and I like that I can focus on providing content and not keep searching for themes thinking/knowing there’s something better out there.  My search is over, at least for now.  One day there might be something better, in fact it’s inevitable, but for now, not to sound to religious here, I have found a Revelation in Genesis.  In the next phase of this journey, I’ll be looking for new ways and ideas on how to maximize this powerful Theme so I can then share it with you.

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  1. Brad – I’m using the Thesis theme on my WordPress site and have been happy with their active community and excellent support. However, I have frequently cast a covetous (keeping with your Biblical comments) eye at the Genesis Agent Press child theme for real estate. They clearly have an excellent team.

    • Brad Andersohn

      Morning Dave – I have been using both the Thesis and Genesis themes, each has something to offer and each has its own quality value to offer.

      A word to the wise would be hosting though. If your site becomes successful (meaning lots of traffic) you’ll want to consider the best location for hosting because regardless of how awesome these themes may be, sites like GoDaddy and others will try to ream you with monthly pricing when your traffic increases.

      If you don’t pay to play, they’ll bog down your sites load speed, and tell you the servers can’t handle your traffic or should I say success. I am currently going through this with GoDaddy as we speak. Deluxe hosting is a problem on GoDaddy if you have more than one successful site, this is what they are telling me anyway. I would recommend getting your own server if possible, or consider hosting on a site that supports large volumes of traffic. (if there are any)

      Happy Holidays my friend. 🙂

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