Empire Avenue – Social Stock Market

Empire Avenue is capturing the attention of many social media junkies in a variety of industries and businesses.  It’s hard to resist the temptation to see your net worth based on your activities and participation in and around all the social media sites.  Sites measured are Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Empire Avenue.  Shareholders can buy stock in you or your company and sell that stock just like in the real world stock market.


Make valuable new connections online

“Invest your social capital in people and brands for free using virtual currency!”

Have fun building your online Empire

“Earn Achievements for online activity, and use your virtual earnings to buy fun Luxury Items!”

Get more value out of social media

“Engage and expand your social networks, and learn how to use social media more effectively!”

The one question that always comes up when a new site, network, or social media platform is created is this: “Why would I want to be on this site, what value does it offer to me and my business, and is it just another passing fad or waste of my time online?”  This same question can be asked of your time at home while watching TV, polishing your car, or even sitting back and listening to some of your favorite songs on your stereo?

Here’s the reality about any site, network, or social media platform.  Does it deliver or bring you closer to the expectations you’re hoping to receive by being there? Everyone has different desires, needs, feelings, emotions, and we all justify our time and relationships differently.  I personally like Empire Avenue because it keeps me on my toes with how I am doing on the other social networking sites.


Getting rewarded by a site that allows others to invest in you is pretty cool and getting promotions in your category of expertise is always satisfying as well.  Today my shares are at 51.66e and I just received a promotion to the SR. Manager on the Technology Index.  My current net worth on the site is 232,780.54e.  So what does this mean to you? What does it mean to me?  Only YOU and I can answer that, and the answers will most certainly differ.


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