Google Considers SEO Not Spam

Matt Cutts from Google provides some great information and many answers to some of the tech related questions that come from end users and SEO (search engine optimization) enthusiasts like us.  The question by many today is, “Does Google consider SEO to be Spam”  and Matt explains clearly that the answer is no.

There are however some points you should be made aware of regarding SEO.

Some of the tips Matt shares in this video are extremely helpful if you’re looking for ways to maximize your own SEO on your site and to rank higher in the SERPS. (search engine results pages) He explains things about white and black hat SEO, page layouts and search-ability, and even how site speed affects your SEO and Google results.  Google is focused and on a mission to produce the best and most accurate relative results in the web search experience.

The bottom line is that having this knowledge is useful, but incorporating it into your online SEO plan is powerful and could have a huge impact on your traffic, your search engine results, your business, and your ROI. (return on investment)  There are some links below the video to some of the sites and tools that Matt mentions in the video.


Google SEO Resources, Links, and Tools for Webmasters and Simple minded Users

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