Google is Closing Down Picnik

It’s, owners of will be shutting down the site on April 19th, 2012.  I’m totally bummed.  I’m one of those thousands of people that used Picnik’s photo editing tools on a regular basis.  I’m really going to miss this site and all of its easy image and graphic editing features.

Some of the cool features I will miss include:

As a courtesy and step of good faith, they’re now offering the Premium service that many of us have been paying for since Picnik’s launch.  This is a token of their appreciation for leaving peacefully, quietly, and gracefully until they shutdown the site.  Feels a bit like I’m protesting here…  hmmm, I guess maybe I am?!?

On the upside, and of course the unknown side, Google will be adding the Picnik features and tools to the new social media platform they launched last year known as Google+ but only time will tell what they have in store and what will happen down the road.

So say goodbye to Picnik folks
, one of the best FREE and Premium online photo and graphic editing sites I’ve ever had the honor and privilege of using.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely disappointed by this move on Google’s part.  🙁

Hopefully, the new Google+ with Picnik like features and tools will suffice.  Another great company has been bought up by Google but will now be gone forever.  R.I.P.

And just in case they do fall short….
Check Out These Other Options and Alternative Sites:

FREE Online Photo, Image, and Graphic Editing

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  3. arden townsend

    I know I looked at the Google system they referred you to- personal opinion is we are being generous if we say it is 3rd or 4th rated. Why do they close down the better program? This just makes no since and when you tried to download the photo back to our own computer- it was not letting us. It is like they put some some sort of protector code to keep you from putting it back on your computer and then downloading it to another site. HONESTLY GOOGLE IS A GREAT RESEARCH SITE, BUT THEY WERE STUPID TO DO AWAY WITH A BETTER PROGRAM. I know i am looking for a program that was as user friendly as picnik I know I have written Google- sign the petition to say please dont close down. Yet feel they dont really care about us- they just want a product with their name GOOGLE in it and wish it could be otherwise.

    Shame on Picnik for abandoning their loyal customers to such a giant who doesnt give a darn about us- the consumer of that product

  4. Anthony Kalowski

    Ribbet! have just announced that they are opening a photo editor that is almost identical to Picnik (built on the same platform). They are giving away a chance to win 1 of 100 free Ribbet Premium memberships if you request an invite on their site:

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