If You Build It, They Will Come

Some infamous words from a movie spoken by many but not to be taken lightly, at least not in my opinion.  It’s easy to say “If you build, they will come” but much more challenging and difficult to actually do it and really have it happen.

There are more than 11 Billion maps
currently being served up on Clustermaps.com, a FREE site that offers a visitor tracking widget for website and blog owners.  Clustermaps just received the 2011 “Best Free Webtool Award” from Edublog Awards.

Thanks to all of you, this site was ranked on New Years Day 2012 in the Top 500 Most Viewed Clustermap sites across the globe.  This is a HUGE accomplishment and we have no one to thank but YOU for helping us make it happen.  We’re not only celebrating a start to a great New Year, but we are humbled and honored to receive the Top 1000 award once again from Clustermaps.

#467 out of 11 Billion isn’t bad, so we’re proposing a toast and a cheer to a very Happy New Year.

I want to personally thank all our followers, family, fans, and friends for helping us receive this great honor and humbling award.  Our reward for all the time and effort that has been put into this site isn’t really the rank on Clustermaps so to speak, it’s the trust and rapport we’ve established with our readers and supporters just like you.

Though you may appear as a simple red dot on the map below, it’s more important that you know and understand that you are the most important part of this site and our existence.  Without you, there would be no domain, no map, no traffic, no ranking, and no audience for our content.

If We Build, They Will Come!

and you did!

It is truly an amazing honor and privilege to be able to say… “It Worked!”
“Thank you to ALL our friends, we appreciate you and love you very much!”

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