Independence Day, Our Freedom Reigns

On this very special Independence day; July 4th, 2011 our freedom reigns. It is not a day to just celebrate our freedom, enjoy BBQ’s, and watch fantastic fireworks, it’s also a day to stop and “remember” those who have fought, battled, and sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy this day and these freedoms.

We are all connected one way or another to someone who has given up their freedoms to go fight for ours. So many people have gone to protect our way of life but have given up theirs. Let us never take for granted the smallest pleasures we enjoy everyday thanks to these men and women, boys and girls we call heroes!

Before you click play on this video, there’s 3 things to know: You’re going to need some tissue or a dry cloth. You won’t be able to resist watching the entire thing so please do. And lastly, remember that Lizzy Palmer (the author and creator) most likely has a friend or family member fighting today who can’t be home to celebrate with you or me.

Let’s remember ALL OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS who are out fighting that “freedom war” for us today. Have a safe, fun, and fabulous 4th of July, but also take a moment of silence and remember to propose a humble and meaningful toast/salute to our military, our defenders, our peace keepers, and our heroes. May God continue to bless America!

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  1. Brad Andersohn

    This Youtube photo/video was made by a 15 year old girl named Lizzie Palmer. It is the hottest thing on the Internet and was on Fox News last week. Thanks Lizzie~ Happy 4th of July!!

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