Is Real Estate Video Getting Competitive

This is NOT a CONTEST…  or Is it?

This may just be more a controversial topic and discussion for your minds’ voices ONLY! There are too many Real Estate Video experts out there preaching what is right or wrong with Real Estate video today. They claim to be experts, give you stats and numbers, tell you the do’s and don’ts, but all too often don’t leave it up to YOU to decide what will work best for YOU and YOUR clients.

This post will address the reality of Real Estate Video and bring some closure to what really works and what won’t (IN YOUR OPINION) which is the one that matters most anyway right?  There are (3)three videos below which are all Real Estate related. They were selected randomly from Youtube to address a few issues and controversial concerns about what we know, what we learn, and what we’re told by so called Experts, and what we actually believe.

Issues and Concerns:

  • Should videos be short or long?
  • Is it best to use expensive or a cheap camera?
  • Can Non-produced Video be better than Produced?
  • Does Image, Appearance and Attire Matter?
  • What type of Content is best for Video?

Each video below is fresh, brand new, and has less than 100 viewsso there can be no bias statistics, views, or visitor traffic to persuade your decision, true feelings, or your vote at the end of this post. You owe it to yourself to be open-minded here, honest with yourself, and watch each video to determine the best opinion and results for you and your Real Estate video business.

What are your overall thoughts regarding these 3 videos,and which is the one you feel best represents the style and type of video you think will be most effective and produce the most results?  I’m not talking about the most views or comments either, I’m talking closed transactions and client relationships. There is a voting pole that will be used to prove a further point in an upcoming post.





Please select which video works best overallto accomplish what you believe video should for Real Estate.

Comments (3)

  1. Okay – it said 100% my choice so I don’t know if it was just me (I jumped in quick) but here are my thoughts…Number one is about a company and figurehead so I am not that interested, Number two was a little salesy but was SHORT and I got a flavor of her competency, Number three might have been awesome, but once I saw it was 12 minutes long, I had to stop. I don’t have 12 minutes to listed to a commercial!

  2. I picked number one. I don’t like low quality marketing. I’ve been working out the kinks in my on videos for about a year.

    I typically shoot with a DSLR on a green screen for informational stuff like this: which is a short sale 101 video.

    Something like this for a neighborhood video:

    Something like this for a listing:

    I do all of the video and the editing myself including the footage from the helicopter.

    A couple of things I would say is that 3 minutes is all you have and individual video clips need to be no longer than 5 seconds.

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