Mozilla Firefox Releases 3.5.2 Browser

Mozilla Firefox Releases 3.5.2 BrowserPicture 7Firefox Add-onsToday Mozilla released their newest version of the Firefox Browser 3.5.2. The new update allows you to experience some of their recently incorporated full feature add-ons.

According to Mozilla,this new release is also an update for Firefox 3.5 that addresses 3 security vulnerabilities, 2 labeled as critical by Mozilla that were disclosed last week at BlackHat /Defcon security conferences.”Mozilla has already released Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1, the first development step in the way for Firefox 3.6 (code named Namoroka), targeted for later this year.  Read More…Two favorite add-ons here at RE Tech World are, a broad based publishing add-on that allows you to incorporate a variety of colored and resized fonts to your Blog posts using a simple cut and paste method by just pressing the “Function+F8” keys while in your browser.The second is the Social Bookmarking tool which enables you to share your favorite sites, blogs and articles with others in your network. You can also tweet your finds and email to anyone in your sphere of influence or email database.There are over 5000 add-ons available to chose from depending on your needs.Firefox Add-onsMozilla Firefox is the 2nd most used Internet Browser in the online world. This is likely to change in the near future as end users discover that using multiple Internet Browsers is safe and creates a better experience that will save them time from the traditional freeze-ups and crashes of the other (name not mentioned) browser.Tip: You can have multiple browsers open simultaneously and experience the true meaning of multi-tasking on the Web.

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