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Real Estate Tech News – Week In Review Top 5Gmail Nudges Past AOL Email In The U.S. To Take No. 3 Spot.

Good thing Gmail is out of beta. It is now the third largest Web mail service in the U.S. In July, Gmail nudged past AOL Email with 37 million unique visitors compared to 36.4 million for AOL, according to comScore estimates.

TechCrunch by Erick Schonfeld

What is Bounce Rate? – Video Blog

GeekEstate Blog by Drew Meyers

Get Your Tweet On With Twitter for Real Estate Twits v.2

Good Twitter help can be hard to find. And when it comes to Twitter for real estate, it’s even more important to be led in the right direction or you’ll risk being labeled as a spammer. Your brand could be tarnished in real-time if you don’t learn how to… by MyTechOpinion

15 real estate related iPhone apps you need to check out

I could make the case that the iPhone OS is more important to the future of real estate innovation than Windows. But then I would be dangerously close to exhibiting signs of Apple Fanboy Syndrome, and I don’t want that. So I’ll just say I think mobile is really important for real estate…

1000Watt Blog by Brian Boero

Yahoo Launches New Real Estate Resource

One of the more interesting things I saw come across the Twitter stream was an announcement by Yahoo that they have launched a new real estate resource entitled “In The Know”. When you have the benefit of being able to track so much information and data you also have the ability to package an deliver it in a meaningful way…

MLBroadcast.Com Blog by Mike Price

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