– 2009 Best of the Web – 2009 Best of the Web is a user friendly and very efficient screen casting application. There is no software, no downloads, it’s fast, easy, and FREE.  Here’s a quick video screencast about Screenr using Screenr to demonstrate it.  It’s easier than 1, 2, 3.  We mean that literally.

Click On Video Below To See Screenr in Action[youtube=]Creating video tutorials, screen shots, how to’s, etc. has never been easier. Just go to, register your Twitter Account information, and you’re ready to start using the application.  Everything is done on-line so there is no hassle dealing with video editing, sound manipulation, and getting HQ video playback results.You can tweet and retweet your screencasts, you can download them to your computer hard-drive, you can embed them and create links on websites and Blogs, you can even upload them to youtube.  Each video screencast you create is hosted on their site allowing easy access any place you are connected to the web.  Your library of video creations can even be played on the iPhone.The only limitation set by Screenr is that no video or screencast can be created to go over 5 minutes. Who wants to watch more than one or two minutes anyway?  This will become one of the most popular sites on the web this year in our opinion.Screenr is by far the BEST application for screen-casting on the web today. If you don’t try using Screenr, then you’ll never know what you’re missing.  Our hats off to the folks at Screenr for creating a fabulous tool not only for the “Twitter World”, but for the Real Estate World and RETechWorld as well.Bookmark and Share Twitter FriendFeed Facebook Flickr RSS LinkedIn All Networks RSS

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