Should Real Estate Professionals Blog

This is a question that has been around the block many times and depending who you ask, I believe you’ll get a unique and different answer every time. Here’s my personal take and answer to this age-old blogging question.

I think blogging is like farming the land. Each blog post is like throwing a seed out the window into the dirt that runs along the super-information Internet highway. While it can and does deliver great results for some/few, it does require and consume a massive amount of time and effort.

Planting seeds does not always produce crops. It requires a ton of hard work! You have to water, weed, fertilize, spray etc. Blogging is not for everyone and it is definitely not a sprint to the win… It can be a marathon to the victory though.

As long has you have the key skills, tools, and components in place that allow you to create and build community via awesome content, cultivate and capture quality leads from your efforts, and the talent/gifts and ability to convert those online contacts to clients, then I say Blog away my friends.

Now if you’re just wanting to capture and convert contacts to clients, I’d highly suggest checking out and become a Premier Agent on the site. You’ll still need the skills and ability to convert, but harvesting is much easier and funner than farming!

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