Top 10 Reasons People Leave Facebook

Today I was deleting/deactivating an old profile I had created on Facebook, it was the first one I had ever set up from years ago and I totally forgot about. It was created using an old email address and I never really went back to update it or even see if anyone had found or noticed it.  When a friend came onto my Current Facebook Wall and asked me about this other profile, I realized I had never removed or deactivated it.

As I went through the process of deactivating this particular profile, I began wondering why others may have left or deactivated their profiles on the site as well?  Just before I submitted my request and clicked on the “deactivate” button, my question was answered.

I was prompted and presented with one last final step from Facebook:

Here are the Top 10
according to Facebook’s selection of choices:

  1. I get too many emails, invitations, and requests from Facebook
  2. I don’t understand how to use Facebook
  3. I don’t feel safe on Facebook
  4. My Account was hacked
  5. I spend too much time on Facebook
  6. I have another Facebook account
  7. I have a privacy concern
  8. This is temporary, I’ll be back
  9. I don’t find Facebook useful
  10. Other

There was also an additional option for email opt out:
Note: Even after you deactivate, your friends can still invite you to events, tag you in photos, or ask you to join groups.  If you opt out, you will NOT receive these email invitations and notifications from your friends.

I can only imagine and assume that the 10 selections above represent the most common reasons people leave Facebook?  If you were to leave Facebook, would the reason be represented in these top 10?  If not, would you be honest and use “other” with an explanation?  I’m really surprised that some of these others weren’t in the top 10 list of options like:

I am just burned out on Facebook” or
It’s costing me my marriage” or
It’s a total waste of time” or
Nobody ever comments on my postings

which are all excuses I have already heard from others who have left Facebook…

My favorite excuse reason of all time is, “I have to sneak out of bed and into the bathroom at night and run the bath water just so I can update my wall without my husband knowing… he thinks I’m addicted!”  YIKES!!

For the record, I have NOT left Facebook, only deactivated an old profile that I never used or needed.  I see great value in the site but at this point in YOUR Facebook journey, my opinion doesn’t really matter here,  but yours does.

If you are going to continue your journey and adventures on the largest social media network and site in the world, then look me up, lets be friends, and use the site the way it was intended and meant to be used….  connecting, tagging each other in photos, poking others, trading farm animals, sharing 3rd party apps and viruses, and “LIKING” anything and everything that has that little button available!!  lol~

Seriously though, lets connect! On my Personal page:  or the Musical spot: or even on a Local Business page how about in Community: or on The Family Band page:

If you’re one of those who HAS LEFT Facebook, then lets connect over on Twitter!  lol~

Next Upcoming Post: Top 10 Reasons People Leave Twitter  :-O


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  1. jodyougel

    I left because to many of my friends were using it to sell their product, And because I got tired of people sharing these poster photo’s with words on them. Some people spend all day looking for those photo’s to share and never post anything from their own words.

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