Tripadvisor’s TripWow One-Click Videos

OK, maybe it was two… or three clicks… but this is really cool!

Using photos that you’ve uploaded and posted on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, or on your own computer, Tripadvisor’s TripWow creates custom videos with a single mouse click.  You can also completely customize them if you wish.  Customize the themes, music, captions, titles, and more.

Here’s a quick Tripadvisor TripWow video that I literally threw together before I could finish eating my cup of soup at lunch today.   I simply selected a theme, grabbed some family pics from Facebook, added my wife’s new hit single, gave it a title, and clicked done!  Viola~

My Family – my Best Friends Slideshow: Brad’s trip to Hawaii was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

Once your video is completed, you’ll notice all the share features available. Once it’s viewed by 10 or more individuals, you’ll have the option to download the file as a video to your hard -drive.  I also like the embed player, and the share features built into the player.  Nice work

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