Wayne Harriman Postlets Tutorial

Wayne Harriman, a friend of mine from ActiveRain, asked how he could modify the Postlets <iframe codes> to better fit into a Blog post on the ActiveRain Network.  While I’m sure there will always be ways to manipulate codes and more new and improved upgrades and changes to the Postlets site, here’s one way to make the Postlet listing and information work anywhere and on any site.

Simply screen capture the live Postlet listing as shown below, then create a hyper-link to the original Postlet.  This is a simple work around that works really well and no one will know the difference for the most part.  Just click on any link in the image below (screen capture) and it will take you to the live Postlet Listing.  Go ahead, try it.

Hope this helps you Wayne, and anyone else that might stumble across this tutorial post.


Screen Capture Tips: To crop and capture any image on a MAC, use the SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 keys, then use your mouse to select the portion of the screen or image you want to capture.  For you poor PC users out there (just kidding) You can use the SHIFT + PRINT SCR keys and then crop the image using a third party application or a site like Picnik.com.

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