Will Facebook Become A Bank?

YourBusinessChannel posted this video which raises the question, “Will Facebook Become a Bank?”  As Facebook and Twiiter approach the numbers in traffic that Google currently experiences, some would agree that this may be the next move or scramble by some of the Top Social Media players.

What’s the future hold for this type of online bank? Would you place your savings, credit cards, or even your home loans in a Facebook Bank?


This is a really interesting concept, one I’m sure we’ll see unfolding sooner than later.  Would love to hear your thoughts, both good and bad, as to why this will or won’t work in the future of on-line banking?

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  1. Bob Drawsaon

    Nope. Facebook will never become an online bank and frankly I’m afraid of it’s future period. The amount of virus’s on Facebook is astonishing and I think will e the end of Facebook and Social Media all together unless they figure a way to get rid of all the potential ways to harm ur computer online

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