Your Success Requires Your Failure

In order to succeed at anything in life, you must be willing and able to accept and face failures. We learned to walk by falling down and failing as small children.

We learn daily how to communicate with others by interpreting and evaluating their physical and emotional responses. Every success in life comes from learning experiences that teach us right from wrong and the good or bad ways of doing things.

So What is True Success Really?

There are many different levels of success and numerous way to gauge and determine the magnitude. To an astronaut, just reaching the outer limits of the earth’s atmosphere might be enough where as to another, it may be finally landing and being the first one on Mars.

At the end of the day, what really matters most is that you’ve set your sights on a goal(s) in life that brings you joy and a true sense of accomplishment.  Your expectation level of doing something really AMAZING is all up to you and only you.

So What is Failure?

YOU WILL FAIL my friends.  You will win some and you will lose some.  The light bulb (that we take for granted every single day) was created by a man that had to fail 1000 times before he succeeded and got it to work.  When called a failure, he responded with, “I’m not a failure, I’m not giving up, I’ve merely learned 1000 ways that won’t work!

Just remember this: People look up to, appreciate, and salute those of you who failed yesterday, today, and tomorrow in your efforts but did not quit… failure is just another important and unavoidable element in the equation that in the end, leads to your success!  Don’t give up, don’t quit, stay the course, your success and reward is just around the corner.

“A Winner NEVER Quits, and a Quitter NEVER WINS!”

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  1. It so hard to understand that great ideas take a lot of trial and error to actually succeed. We’re tought to be careful through childhood, and those who ignore that are usually ahead of the rest. Have a good weekend.

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