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Should you always Search Before You Blog | Internetarian and WEB Concierge

Should you always Search Before You Blog


Did I learn the hard way? YES! I think…I always do a search now, before I post a new blog. There have been
many times I had a great thought or an original idea, only to find that 15 other people had blogged about the
very same idea or concept already.

           Search Cat

For example, I spent 15 minutes preparing a piece on DST (Day Light Savings Time) and the affects it would
have on your computer, the calendar, you know…all the techy stuff.  Right before I clicked on Post Blog, I
decided to do a search in the "Search Blogs field, there must have been 10 – 15 blogs already posted regarding
the very same topic.

Some of the Blogs were way better than mine (not surprised), but I wasted almost 20 minutes of my time. 
There is a wealth of information out on the internet and there is even more information here in the AR network.
I think mainly, because it is a more focused network which is specifically directed at Real Estate content.
(well, most of the time)

Save yourself the embarrassment of re-creating someone elses post with your own wording.  At some point,
does the network become conjested with an overkill of multiple posts on the exact same topics?  In fact, this
very blog has probably already been posted!  If that is the case, I apologize.  You get points for commenting
too! (Big Smile) Just wanted to throw this out there for all the new AR members like me, who forgot or neglected
going to the newbies group to learn this stuff.  

Finally, the internet is a wealth of great information, but in my opinion, Activerain is even better.  I guess I
should always Search First, Join Groups, then Create, Post my Blog, and make sure to post to, or distribute to,
the proper groups and individuals both on Activerain and on Localism. 


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