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Custom Youtube Video Embedding

How To Embed a Custom Youtube Player

Here are (3) three really great custom Youtube video player embeds you can use for adding variety to your site or self-hosted blog.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to embed a Youtube video and player without having relevant videos popup at the end.  Looking for a way to also remove the Youtube logo from showing up in the bottom corner of the player which allows viewers to go back and watch the video on the Youtube site.

Up until now I was unsuccessful, but as they say… if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

I finally figured it out and as you can see by the video above, there is NO link back to Youtube and there are NO related videos that pop up when this one is finished.

If you’re looking for a way to do this with the videos and player on your site or blog, here’s a magical resource that will reveal how I was able to accomplish this and how you can do the same using simple HTML and an iFrame embed code. https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters#controls

Here’s another cool Youtube embed secret from Cooliris that allows multiple videos within a single player.
Use your mouse wheel to scroll in and out, or use slider at bottom of player to navigate through videos.

My final Youtube embed secret is selecting a “Playlist” from a Channel and embedding the entire playlist of videos into a single player and then adding it to your website pages or blog posts.

Click “Playlist” for Menu

disable track

How To Disable or Add Youtube Captions

Youtube.com recently added closed-captioning as a default to all videos on their site. 

The problem with this move is that much of the audio-to-text conversion is grossly inaccurate.
(Just Go watch any video you’ve uploaded and added to Youtube)

This is NOT what he said or is saying in this video!!

Now I understand that the long-term goal is to try and create audio SEO by converting your audio-to-text and then add the closed-captioned text file, but it’s machine generated, and if the text is all wrong to begin with, then what good will the mis-typed and mis-converted text really do for SEO and the search engines?

Couldn’t this actually hurt the SEO of your Youtube Video?

Until they get this resolved, my first wish would be to have Youtube go back to making the closed-captioning feature NOT ON by default, or allow user/members to turn it off with a single click option available in the settings.  As it stands now, you’ll have to disable this feature one video at a time.  It’s a major pain in the carcass.

Alternatively, you can also download the close-caption file, correct all the typos, then reload it back up to your video which would be the ultimate suggestion here, but very time consuming depending on how many videos you currently have uploaded to the site. (see instructions in 2nd half of this post)


1) How To Disable Youtube’s default Closed-Captioning on Videos.

STEP ONE:  Log into your Youtube account, and click on the  “VIDEO MANAGER” button

STEP TWO: Click the “edit” button located next to the video of choice

STEP THREE: Select the “Captions” tab or button at the top of the page

STEP FOUR: Click on the “Green Button” to disable the closed-captioning text track.

Now just repeat these steps and procedure to disable or remove the closed-caption tracks from the rest of your videos.  If you do wish to correct and keep the closed-captioned track, simply follow these next few steps.


2) To Correct/Edit and Keep Youtube’s Closed-Captioned tracks:

STEP ONE: Repeat steps ONE-thru-THREE, but instead of the green button to disable on STEP FOUR, click on the pencil instead.
Now select the “Download” button/option to begin the closed-caption editing process. Save the file to desktop or hard-drive.

STEP TWO:  Open the downloaded “captions.sbv” file in any file editor
(ie: notepad, textedit etc.)

STEP THREE: Correct all the typos, spelling and grammar, and save file with same name “captions.sbv”

Note: DO NOT change the time stamp codes if you want the text to appear in the correct location of the video

STEP FOUR: Click on the “Add New Captions…button” to upload the edited file back to the Youtube video.

That’s it, you’re done.  It’s really a pretty simple task, but it is time consuming and a pain in the AR$E in my opinion.



Now if you are watching a Youtube video and the author has NOT taken either of the steps above, you as a viewer have the option of shutting off or modifying the closed-captioning.

STEP ONE: Click on the red “CC” button on the Youtube Video toolbar

STEP TWO: Select option to “Turn Captions Off” which will disable the closed-captioning

STEP THREE: Select the “Settings” option to modify or customize the Closed-Captioning


Now you know how to 1. disable closed-captioning on your uploaded videos, 2. take advantage of the opportunity to correct and keep the closed-captioning on your uploaded videos, or 3. modify or turn off closed-captioning on Youtube videos you’re watching.

One thing for sure about the Internet and sites like Youtube; there are and always will be changes.  These changes are what motivate me to create posts just like this one.  Hope this helps.  Please excuse me for not posting a video on this, I don’t have time to go in and edit the closed-caption file. :-O

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 9.25.41 AM

Top 12 Most Viewed Youtube Videos

Youtube.com gets thousands of videos uploaded every hour of everyday.  There is more video on Youtube than there are movies stored in Hollywood warehouses.   2011 was an explosive year for many on YouTube including us.

How many views does the average video on Youtube get?  Business Insider says that “Half of all Youtube Videos get fewer than 500 views!”  We are proud and excited that these top 12 videos out of the 155 posted on Youtube have received 10,000 or more views.

An EXTRA Special thanks to our subscribers and viewers who made this possible.


Looking for some awesome Youtube Video tools?  Check out these sites:

TestTubeTestTube is an ideas incubator.  This is where YouTube engineers and developers test out recipes and concoctions that aren’t quite fully baked and invite you to tell them and others how they’re coming along. 

Youtube Create – Free Animations, video creation and editing, effects and text creation.  


13 Second Video – 17.5 Million Views

In the past 13 days, this video has been viewed 1,900,000 million times. This is a new record for views on Youtube.com.  The video may very hold the record on Youtube for the most viewed video under 15 seconds.  (this is unconfirmed)  There have been over 11,000 comments made, it’s been shared on Facebook over 12K times, and the average viewer is between the ages of 35-50 years old.

It’s true!  This 13 second video has been viewed on Youtube more than 17 1/2 million times.  There are three primary points I’d like to make about this particular video but before I do, let me explain a few details about it.  First of all, it is just raw video with no editing and no effects.  It was filmed at Lake Berryessa in Napa County CA.  What makes this video unique is that you’ll only see something like this when the Lake is over-full and the water is threatening to run over the damn. (seen in the background of the video)

3 Important Points:

  • This video is real, no editing or CGI effects as some will claim
  • The name of this specific location is correct and accurate
  • The chances you’ll ever see this thing “live” are slim to none

This drain in the lake is called “Morning Glory” and referred to by locals as “The Glory Hole.”  Now I know what some of you are thinking right now, and that’s just stinkin thinking.  Pilots of aircraft refer to this drain as “The Black Hole” because if you look at it from the air in either a plane or helicopter, it’s a huge black hole in the middle of the lake. So contrary to what you’ll see and read in the comments of this video, it is what it is.

Here’s a Google Earth Image of the Glory Hole from satellite.  I’m also including a link to the glory hole revealed so that those non-believers can see the real McCoy unveiled… up close and personal.  Standing next to this thing was one of the most eerie experiences.  Watching hundreds of thousands of gallons of water going down a drain only feet away from you is an experience you won’t soon forget if ever.  Here it is, The Black Hole – The Glory Hole.

The Black Hole – The Glory Hole