How To Embed a Custom Youtube Player

Here are (3) three really great custom Youtube video player embeds you can use for adding variety to your site or self-hosted blog.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to embed a Youtube video and player without having relevant videos popup at the end.  Looking for a way to also remove the Youtube logo from showing up in the bottom corner of the player which allows viewers to go back and watch the video on the Youtube site.

Up until now I was unsuccessful, but as they say… if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

I finally figured it out and as you can see by the video above, there is NO link back to Youtube and there are NO related videos that pop up when this one is finished.

If you’re looking for a way to do this with the videos and player on your site or blog, here’s a magical resource that will reveal how I was able to accomplish this and how you can do the same using simple HTML and an iFrame embed code.

Here’s another cool Youtube embed secret from Cooliris that allows multiple videos within a single player.
Use your mouse wheel to scroll in and out, or use slider at bottom of player to navigate through videos.

My final Youtube embed secret is selecting a “Playlist” from a Channel and embedding the entire playlist of videos into a single player and then adding it to your website pages or blog posts.

Click “Playlist” for Menu

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  1. Thanks Sheila – just keep in mind that while you do have the option to disable the “Related Channels” feature; however, keep in mind that you will then not qualify to be shown on other channel’s related channels. It’s a give and take….

    Since 55-60% of videos are discovered via ‘Related Videos’, you’ll find that this could hurt your Youtube’s channel discoverability across the YouTube ecosytem because your traffic volume could decrease. Youtube/Google advises you take this measure only as a last resort.

    Here is the video tutorial that shows how to Disable Related Channels at 0:37.

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