10 Tips For Creating Better Quality Videos

 I am in no way the Video expert, but there are some things that I have learned these past few weeks that may be helpful to you when creating Video for your Blogs or Websites.  Many of us have to just learn by doing.  Shooting a quality Video is the same as writing a quality post for your Blog.  Content is king, but there are a few other factors that come into play.  Just like a well written Blog, there are some techniques, styles, tricks, and tools that should probably be considered and implemented when creating Video to share with the world.

Using A Tripod when recording, is one of the most crucial elements of a “Quality” video.  There is nothing worse than watching a video when the camera is moving and shaking all over the place.  Sure, it’s OK if you’re shooting the Blair Witch Project, but unless you want your viewers to get queasy, I highly suggest a portable tripod when filming.  Here’s a video of how you can make your own portable tripod for under $1.

Sound will always be an issue with Video.  The idea here is to make your Video so that the end user isn’t having to constantly adjust their volume on their computer speakers.  One thing I learned is that adjusting the volume of your voice when next to the camera is important.  If you are interviewing someone, either move an equal distance away from the camera as your subject, or learn to control your voice volume.  Also, ask your guest to speak clearly and to project their voice.  This will make it much easier when it comes time to edit your Video. See Audio Tips Video

Video Framing is something you should always try and be aware of.  When I did an Interview with TBWS last month, another ActiveRain member pointed out that there was a plant sticking out of my head the whole time.  Make sure you check your Video Framing through the lens of your camera to see exactly what will show up on film. Watch out for busy backgrounds, cluttered spaces, and wallpaper that draws your attention away from your subject or Video matter.  When shooting interviews, pay close attention to your surroundings, and don’t be afraid or shy about rearranging things in the room.  Check out my Head Plant Interview.  LOL!~

I have learned that the interview process should have at least 3 key elements.  1. A good or interesting topic. 2. Questions that viewers want to know more about.  3. Information and entertainment that keeps viewers coming back for more.  Not everyone you interview will be worthy of posting about, but just like Blogging, it takes some time to practice and discover your voice, your niche and the value you hope to deliver through video.  Here are some Interview tips.

Background Noise can be a real nuisance!  Depending on the video you are creating, be sure to pick a location where the background noise is at a minimum. In many cases, this can’t be avoided, like in restaurants, at conventions, and outdoors.  By the same token, another type of shot to look for is the natural sound.  This would be video that has some natural background noise – traffic on a street, birds chirping in a park, etc.  This type of background noise can add depth and impact to a two-dimensional video.  Just make sure it isn’t louder than the subject you are filming.  You can remove background noise by adding voice overlays or music when editing.  Here’s an example of too much noise

Try to keep bright surfaces and lighting behind you, not your subject. Things like white walls, sun, and other bright surfaces can dull your subject and create a video wash-out or glare.  When filming at night, try to find areas that are well lit, or where natural moonlight can illuminate on your subject.  Direct exposure to the sun with a Video Camera can cause damage to your eyes and the camera. Lighting is very important in creating a quality and non-distracting video.  You need to experiment and practice with it to acheive your desired results.  These videos show Indoor Lighting Basics & Lighting for outdoors 101

Like anything in today’s fast paced society, time is of the essence.  Your Video is no exception.  Keep your videos less than 3 – 5 minutes max in length.  There are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, anyone watching a video will not view it in its entirety if one, the content isn’t interesting enough, and two, if the video is just too long.  5 minutes is a long time both when viewing and recording video.  Keep on topic, and stay in control.  If the subject or topic seems to drift or lose momentum, pipe in and get it back on track.  This of course takes some practice and really depends on how well you are prepared.  Remember, the longer your video is, the larger the file and processing/editing time.  You’ll figure this out when uploading and downloading files.  Trust me. 

Video Editing is where you get to polish your work and prepare it for presentation.  Mixpo is going to be the chosen platform for on-line video editing and production.  Here you will be able to create opening animations and motion backgrounds, add images, insert links and hyper-text, add music, voice-overs, photos and much more.  There are many video editing tools out there, some more expensive than others, but editing is the last stop before publishing.  I find Mixpo to be a great source for editing because it’s simple, and you can access it from on-line, anytime, anywhere.  Video editing takes some time and practice, but gets easier the more you do it.  Here’s a video about Mixpo.

Like any good Blog, you must be creative, and write about things that will interest your readers, viewers and customers.  There are so many ways you can use Video.  Here’s a few topics that come to mind. Interviews, speakers, events, seminars, conventions, travel, vacation, neighborhood and local news.  What about Listing presentations, Virtual Tours, Internet Open houses, and Your Company.  Then there’s all the marketing and advertising you can do about your business, service, products, tools and experience. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention testimonials, projects, schools, activities both business and personal, even the “how-to” on home staging, remodeling, repairs and more.  This list goes on and on…  Here’s a pretty creative video!

Having your video camera with you IS being prepared!  That’s more than half the battle!  Just like any good photographer who wants to get caught in that “Right place at the right time” moment, you must always have your camera with you.  This is one reason I really like having a Flip Video Camera.  I own other great video equipment, but having a camera that fits in a phone case on the side of my belt helps me in being more prepared. It’s small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.  Make sure you have extra batteries (if your camera requires them), and a portable tripod. Some of the best and most viewed videos in the world are available on Youtube, because the Filmer was ready and prepared to take that shot Shoot! 

Lastly, if you have a video camera, being prepared also means to make a sound decision and a conscious effort to remember to use it.  LOL!~  This video has been viewed 81,398,471 times as of today, it’s been favorited 424,798 times, has 297355 ratings, and has over 138,238 comments.  You won’t believe what being prepared has done for this guy.  See Youtube’s #1 Video.

Taking technology and your business to new heights with Video, is not only exciting, it’s fun too!!  🙂

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