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A picture tells a thousand stories. Well these pictures tell 10,000 stories. I was going to write each of you a personal thank you letter or an email, but when I realized how many of you read and comment on my Blog, I had second thoughts! LOL!~ Seriously though, My Blog hit 10,000 comments this week, and they were all made by you, my subscribers.

I wanted to say “Thank You” to each of you for subscribing to my Blog, reading my posts, and taking the time to comment as you all have so faithfully this past year. (March will be my one year anniversary here at AR) I hope you’ll look for your photo here, (I know you will…LOL), then come back and read these two words, again… THANK YOU!!!

I look at my Blog much differently now, than when I started it. Active Rain is so much more than just my Social Network. All these members are my on-line family and friends. I have added each of your photos to this post in YOUR honor, yes YOU!! I wanted you to know that I sincerely appreciate each of you, and will never take for granted, your friendships and your thousands of comments. They have helped me in so many ways and brought credibility to my Blog.

My goal is to continue to write valuable and useful content for you this year. My commitment is to creating posts that will either help you with Blogging, Marketing, Technology or Your Business. Slipping in of course, just some plain and simple musings and entertainment on occasion! 🙂

So instead of sending each of you a video card, or a personalized email thanking you, I hope you’ll accept this post as my humble and thankful acknowledgment of you as a subscriber to my Blog. In the two days it has taken me to create this post, I probably could have, and should have, just written each of you an email! (LOL!) My Warmest regards to you all, and Thank you once again! 🙂

By the way, if you do subscribe to my Blog, but you haven’t uploaded your photo on AR yet, I apologize, I have removed all the generic “Shadow Images” from this post. I hope you’ll go back into your profile and add your photo soon. I really do appreciate the photoless members and friends here too!

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