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HEADLINE NEWS TODAY: November 25th, 2007 – The Americans Dream

In World News today, the associated press announced that the 2007 Real Estate Market "shift" that affected millions of Americans across the Nation,  was nothing more than a hoax and a conspiracy.  World Financial leaders conspired with Local and National media, to create a frenzy and use scare tactics across the Nation, to try and crash the Real Estate market and the American economy.  Authorities announced today that 10 of the top World Financial Leaders had made "behind closed doors" arrangements with the News Media to make the Real Estate Market appear as though it was crashing.  

The reported agreement was said to have been made in September of 2006.  This conspiracy was created to allow the World Financial Leaders and the News Media to buy back the Nation at a reduced cost allowing them to gain a higher and more lucrative financial status.  News networks and Media were promised 10% of all profits gained from the Real Estate Market Conspiracy.  The intent was to get Real Estate values and the average median sales price of homes to drop more than 25% nationally.  News networks agreed to penetrate this false information to the American people through television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet.  

National and Local Real Estate Investors sniffed out this conspiracy through a leak at a summit conference held in a private and undisclosed location this past weekend.  Exposing these individuals to the public has now created what Federal Authorities are referring to as "The End Of The Real Estate Crash of 2007!"  It was announced this morning that 10 of the largest financial leaders have now been incarcerated, and that the News Media will have to make up for their malpractice and falsifications by providing "new and accurate" reports to the American Public!  The conspiracy and hoax has been exposed and is over, News Networks across the Country will have to provide the following information to the American People about the changes that are effective immediately regarding the "NEW Real Estate Market and Conditions!"

The Real Estate Market is Back and now Stronger Than Ever!

  • Buyers Can Now Buy at 100% financing up to $1,000,000
  • All Foreclosures are on hold pending further Investigation
  • Home Values will Immediately go back to their Original Values from 2005
  • Interest Rates will drop to a record 4% for a 30 year fixed loan
  • New Rate will remain in affect for the entire year of 2008
  • Loans will be made available to anyone who is employed
  • There will be no property tax or capitol gains tax on new purchases and sales
  • Unemployment will be no more.  The US will drop to 0% 
  • All homes lost in Foreclosure or Short Sale will be given back to Original Owners
  • The US debt and deficit will be payed back by funds obtained from conspiracy
  • All job losses and Company closures will be reinstated and re-opened immediately
  • Gas prices are being lowered to $1.50 per gallon for the entire year, in every City


Now that the American Economy is back on it's feet, and The Real Estate Market has regained it's value and stability, authorities are asking the American Public to do their part in keeping the Market alive and thriving.  Find a REALTOR® and a Lender in your area, and go buy not one, but two pieces of Real Estate before the end of the year.  If you close before December 31st, of 2007, you will be credited back a 10% refund at the time of close.  All profits and proceeds that were obtained from this Major Conspiracy and Hoax, will be used to build and provide homes and shelters for the homeless.  Real Estate in America is now finally back on track, and will be booming and thriving like never before, for years to come!  This is the Americans' Dream, and what happens when…

Suddenly, I awoke with a jolt, reached over to shut off my alarm clock and realized, "MAN, That was one crazy dream!!"  I Got out of bed, and thought…maybe, I'll just go back to sleep.   :-O

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