3 New Widgets – Add Value To Your Site

I’m really excited to announce 3 new widgets that launched this past week.  Each of them offers great value to you and to your visitors.  Let me show you each of them so you can decide if they are something you would be able to use on your sites and blogs, or that your clients might like to see. I’ll be installing the contact form generator as soon as this post goes public, it’s one of my favorites.  Why?  Because it has the potential of capturing contacts that can be converted to clients at a later time.  Plus, they’re all FREE.

Since I mentioned it first, here is the “contact form widget” which has great potential of helping you capture contacts.  The reason this one is one of my favorites is because I strongly believe that you’re wasting your time on the web if you don’t have a capturing tool in place on your website or blogs.  You may be able to cultivate eyeballs to your sites with great content, even be #1 on Google, but if you’re not able or at least attempting to capture contacts, then it just doesn’t seem to add up in my opinion.

You can customize these widgets to look and say whatever you want.

This second widget is the “rental map widget” and it’s very consumer friendly. It’s perfect for those relocating to your area who might need to rent before they make the decision where they want to own?  Look at all the rental properties that are now available all across the country, imagine being the connection between consumers needing to rent and helping them make the best choices where to eventually own?  I see huge potential in providing this type of value to your clients and readers.

The third widget is the “agent reputation widget” that every agent should have on their sidebar, blog, website, social profiles etc.  It’s the next best thing to a word of mouth referral.  We all know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to try and sell ourselves and our services all the time, so letting others help in this area is more than just a convenience.  Client testimonials and reviews are a primary tool for driving more traffic, contacts to your site, and business to your bottom line.  For example: On Zillow, 1 Review = 75% more contacts than agents with 0 reviews, and 5+ Reviews = 150% more contacts than agents with 0 reviews.

All these widgets are brand new and FREE. Each of them comes with the ability to be customized, re-sized, color coded and branded to your liking, but the most valuable piece is the co-branding.  Every time someone visits your Blog or site and uses the widget, if they end up going to Zillow’s site from your widget, you will appear at the top of every page no matter what page they’re looking at.  This is a great opportunity to stay in front of your target audience and potential clients even when they’re not on your site.

(your photo, company, contact info, phone number, and links will appear on Zillow like sample above)

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