3 Top Keyword Tools for Bloggers

Search engines like Google focus on returning the best quality and “Best AvailableSERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages)  It’s all based on what “Keywords” or phrases are being typed into the Search box.  Search engines simply want to return the best available matching content based on both short-tail and long-tail keyword searches. Keywords are closely connected with link building, so you should also learn about custom link building strategies if you want the keywords turn into dollars for your business.

The two things people search most are: the item, the person, the company, the thing or service, and then a geographic or what many are referring to as a hyper-local location.  Having this knowledge about search engines and keywords stands to reason why we all want to remove the guessing game of…

“What are people looking for and typing in the search box of search engines?”

No pun intended (well, maybe a little) search no more!
  While we can never really be 100% certain of what people are searching and the exact keywords or terms they’re using, these keyword tools will help you not only define what IS being searched on the web, but how and what keywords to be using when creating and refining your blog titles and blog content.

Introducing Google’s Keyword Tool:

In the “Keyword Search” we typed “Real Estate in San Francisco” which seem like a pretty reasonable search that most web surfers would type if Interested in looking at Real Estate in San Francisco.  Interestingly the “Keyword Tool” came back showing that there is a larger percentage of people searching San Francisco Apartments which stands to reason considering the demographic of San Francisco.

Maybe creating a Blog post with the Title “San Francisco Apartments” and then provide content on how those living in “San Francisco Apartments” could qualify for a great loan, with great rates, and possibly become first time buyers and first time homeowners would be a worthy option and idea worth trying?  This is just a sample of how you can use these Keyword tools to better your content, your traffic, and hopefully your business.

How should I use the Keyword Tool for keyword ideas?

Search for specific keyword ideas that are related to your business, product, or service.  Or you can search a URL containing content relative to your specific niche, business, or service.  You can also go straight to filtering out specific keyword categories.  Use one or the other or both of them together; the keyword tool is very flexible and intuitive depending on how you’d choose to use it.  Go ahead and try this:

  • Use the Advanced options to refine your search, for example, by county, city, or neighborhood.
  • Check or Un-check  the keyword match type check boxes to refine your search.
  • Select the Columns button above the results table to customize the columns you see in the results.

Give the Google Keyword Tool a TryCheck out the other Google Keyword Toolbox

Soovle Is Another Great Keyword Tool

Soovle.com search multiple sites and returns most searched results
on multiple platforms of your choosing.  You can select from up to 15 sites at one time to get the most poplar searched “Keywords” or related “Phrases” on those individual sites.  Here are the results as we started typing the words “Real Estate” and then realized that if we suddenly stopped typing, the Soovle tool kicked in and started solving…

Now this may seem a little biased and shameless since I do work for the Zillow-Yahoo! Real Estate Network, but I was personally pretty excited to see that on the Yahoo site, “Zillow Real Estate” was a pretty popular search by consumers and Internet surfers. (I’ll expand on that at a later date and time)

SEOBOOK Keyword Suggestion Tools

SEOBOOKS Keyword suggestion tool cross-references
Wordtracker.com, Google, and others.  It displays links to related search results, semantically related phrases, and offers a new CVS exporting option which rocks! This combined with Google Insights will provide you with a wealth of FREE data and information to set you well on your way using “Keywords” in your online marketing, advertising, and blogging endeavors going forward.

“The objective of a business website is to attract potential buyers and convert them into paying customers. Keywords can help. Use appropriate keywords on your site and you’ll attract visitors who want to buy the types of products you offer.”  Wordtracker

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  1. Hi Brad,

    Nice article and some good links to some excellent keyword tools.

    I think you forget a tool to efficiently sort the keywords (especially when you update your keyword list)


    NB: I didn’t know Soovle before reading your article.

    • Brad Andersohn

      Thanks Brian – I bet Keeyword.com would be a great addition to this post no? Thanks for commenting, I’m on my way to check out the ability to sort and organize keywords now, thanks.

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