Mozilla Firefox is Different By Design

The new Mozilla Firefox update has some great new features and enhancements, but what I really like is the video message they have shipped with the new upgrade. They aren’t public, they don’t have a profit margin, they don’t shake the same hands as everyone else, but they’re a pack of independently spirited, fiercely unconventional people who do things a bit differently.  They value values.

Any company that places this much emphasis on their people deserves to be noticed, rewarded, and given kudos for a job well done. Thanks Mozilla and staff for creating and supporting a great browser and user experience, and for making a difference in our online world.


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    • Brad Andersohn

      Agreed Dagny – Firefox Browser is my first choice too backed up ONLY by Google’s Chrome browser. I can’t say that I have much love for Internet Explorer and I rarely use it at all. Too bad that some MLS’s require or demand their members to use IE to access their data… that’s just wrong!

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