3 Ways To Bookmark and Manage Your Favorite Posts

I received a comment today from Trunda Rogers-Dallas County asking, “I got everything down except the bookmarking. It’s probably super simple but I haven’t found an icon for saving posts. Can you point me in the right direction?” So let me share with you, there are 3 ways to do this:

1. The first way: Under every post, there is a Bookmark Icon By simply clicking on the icon it will add that particular post to your ActiveRain Bookmarks which can then be accessed by going to “My Home” and then “My Bookmarks” the link is located down on the lower left side of your My Home Page. This is very limited as you can’t sort, group, or manage posts as you might like to. The more you add, the harder they are to find and utilize. They also get re-sorted as comments are made, making it even more challenging to find and use them effectively in the future.

How often do you check your Bookmarks?

2. The second way: Create a folder on your Desktop by right clicking your mouse on a blank space of your desktop, then select create a “New Folder” give it a name, then add your favorites to that folder. To add a page or post to the folder, just drag and drop the URL for that post or website into the Folder. Now you’ll have them all in one easy to access location on your desktop. The only thing is, you’d still have to create sub groups or folders to manage all your saved posts and stay organized. It’s still limited, but it works well.

3. The third and best way: Is to use Diigo.com. You all know me, I’m always searching for a “Better Way!” Diigo is a FREE Social Bookmarking tool, designed to do more of what you originally intended to do when you bookmarked things in the first place. It’s what bookmarking posts is all about. I have hundreds so here’s why I’m suggesting it.

  • Group and categorize all your favorite posts
  • Share your Bookmarked Post with others
  • Highlight portions of posts and Blog about them
  • Automatically Tweet or Twit them with a single click
  • Email and share your Bookmarks easily with others
  • Bookmarks now become Social Bookmarking
  • Add the Diigo toolbar to your browser for One Click Saves
  • Create a widget, make it easy for others to bookmark you

I just started using Diigo, Check out my Dashboard, Profile, Groups, Lists, Tags, Tools and Bookmarks

Here’s a video that will give you a better understanding of Diigo.com and how “Social Bookmarking” can be used, and why it may be the best way for bookmarking ANY page or post on the Internet in the future.

Screenshot of the Toolbar you can add to your Browser. It’s taking Bookmarks to the next 2.0 level.

Here’s a sample of my Diigo Categories and Bookmarks:

There are many other great features and options you’ll have with Diigo, there’s just too many to list here, but you really should check it out. I don’t see any reason why every Web-surfer and Blogger wouldn’t use this tool if they knew it was available.

This in my opinion is the best way to keep track and manage all of your favorite posts, Websites, Blogs etc. It’s Bookmarking 2.0 and will give you more value and benefits than just using your current Browser to “Add To Favorites.” I’m not sure if people even use that browser bookmarking tool anymore, which by the way, would be the 4th way to save your favorite Bookmarks. Hope you Diigo this post! 🙂

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