3 Ways To Reach Your Audience – Blogging Just Isn’t Enough

In the beginning, well…many years ago, the only way people could communicate and share information with others, was by traveling on horseback or by boat to personally deliver their news.  Then came mail.  In regards to advertising, marketing, and providing news and information, this must have been a nightmare.  Word of mouth was pretty much it!

Once newspapers were created and evolved, they quickly became the “Resource” to get information, and find out what was going on in local areas and around the world.  Then came radio, followed by television.  Now the Globe became smaller, and the World felt more connected.  The news media still utilizes all three of these methods today.

Newspapers, Radio & Television have been the primary source for getting information into our homes for decades now.  We are hooked.  So where am I going with this?  Look at the costs of advertising and marketing with these traditional methods of media.  The fees to run an ad, grab a radio spot, and have a commercial on TV during “prime time” has been, and continues to be very expensive. 

How do you compete with the media platforms that have been so effective and had such an impact on our daily lives for so many years?  WEB 2.0!  We read, we listen and we watch.   We are in some way touched daily by one, if not all of these methods of delivery.  Still, most of us have a preference.

Do you Read, Watch, or Listen?  (Because you Blog, might mean you prefer reading)

Example: Star Wars is a Classic: Would you rather read the book, listen to the audio, or watch the movie?  You most likely prefer one over the other…. Now ask someone else the same question.  The answer will vary depending on that individuals taste and audio/visual preference.  We’re all different.  Getting to the point…

Today, we have the Internet!  We are ALL new to WEB 2.0 and Social Media Marketing, shouldn’t we re-evaluate our advertising processes and marketing efforts?  I know some will disagree, and I welcome your thoughts and opinions, but just Blogging in today’s On-line World isn’t going to be enough.  That’s like only having a newspaper as your source to get your valuable content and information out there.

In addition to Blogging, incorporate Podcasts and Video as a part of your arsenal and marketing plan too.  If you are only Blogging, then you might be missing the “radio” and the “television” type listeners and viewers.  Blogging, Podcasting, and Video will allow you to get in front of a wider variety of prospects, and on the same media platforms they use and enjoy most, just like the Newspapers, Radio and TV do.

Do you read the paper?  Do you listen to radio?  Do you watch television?  Sure you do, and so do your friends, family, clients and prospects.  Do you read Blogs?  Do you listen to Podcasts?  Do you watch Videos?  Yes you do, and so do your friends, family, clients and prospects.  I think you get the picture…

By using these “3 Proven Methods” of getting news and information out there, you can expand your audiences and connect with a wider variety of readers, listeners and viewers.  The World is changing very fast, and with these “New” methods of delivery now available, you should JUMP ON IT.  Just as traditional methods have evolved, these new WEB 2.0 platforms will too, and they WILL be/are just as powerful and effective.

The “BEST PART OF ALL”, they are FREE.  So don’t just get Read, Be Seen and Be Heard too.  🙂

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3 Ways To Reach An AudienceTime to compete with Newspaper, Radio, and TV. How? WEB 2.0! Blogging, Podcasting, and Video! These are the 3 ways to get your information out to clients and prospects. Unlike the traditional methods, these are all FREE, more fun, and more effective. Blogging just isn’t enough! 🙂

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