40 People Who Want More $$$$ for Your Listing Than Your Seller Does..


When listing a sellers property, who do you think wants the home to sell for more than your seller does?  Doesn't everyone always want to offer the least amount (low ball offer) and get the best deal?  Is it remotely possible that there are people out there who actually want the home to sell for more than the owner desires or expects?  I think yes!

Whether you believe in this or not, there are most certainly at least 40 people I can think of that want your listing to sell for TOP DOLLAR!  In fact, if they could have their way, the seller would probably get $50,000 – $100,000 more than the asking price!  How is this possible?  Who are these people? Where in the world could you find them?

You already know where I'm going with this and now I'm just taking up space on my Blog.  I think we forget and miss out on the opportunity to really create a "BUZZ" in the neighborhood about your listing.  So here's my suggestion (if you're not doing it already), knock on the doors of the 10 homes on the left, the 10 homes on the right, and the 20 homes across the street from your listing.  Invite them over to a VIP Neighborhood preview.  Buy a tray of deli's and cheese, and ask them to come over on a weekday evening! (Thursdays or Fridays)

Let the neighbors know that this will be the only time they'll have to preview the home before you go public, and it may be the only chance they'll get to pick their new neighbor.  This will create a positive synergy that might get your listing sold and fast!   It will also bring together the neighborhood unlike the way that fire trucks or ambulances do.  This also gives you an opportunity to meet the neighbors, a chance to follow up with their thoughts, create a friendly and non-threatening environment, and grow your business and relationships in the areas you want to sell Real Estate.


That's right!  The 40 people who want more $$$$ for your listing than your seller does, are the neighbors!  If you feel that this is NOT a value to you, your business, and the neighborhood, then let me know, but don't "knock" it till you try it.  I challenge you to try this on your next Listing and see if I'm correct! 

Your first visit to the neighbors is the invitation. Your second visit is to follow-up with discussions on price, comments and thoughts.  Your third visit is to let them know you are available to help them buy and sell as well, and then start asking for referrals.  Your fourth visit is a "Thank You" card either mailed of hand delivered. Your fifth visit is hopefully getting the contract signed and putting a sign in the yard.  

What better way to build a database than to have the people in the neighborhood that want the highest offer for your clients home?  Now because you priced it right and it sells, guess who they'll want to sell their home?  Of course this is hard work and takes some time, but you have plenty of that right?  I mean there you are, sitting reading this Blog….uh huh…exactly! 

Did you notice I never used the words "Open House?"  Just thinking outside the "Just Listed" box here.  I know the TAX man wants you to get more for your listings too!  That'll be another post, another time! 🙂

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