500 Ways To Say Happy Birthday

And the best way I can think of to say thank you…

Yesterday, I experienced one of the best Birthday’s ever with my family, but through social media and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google + etc, I had the chance to also experience being completely overwhelmed by Birthday greetings, cards, emails, calls, and messages.  My iPhone was beeping and inundated all weekend with wonderful messages and birthday wishes from all my family and friends around the globe.

Each of you made my day special by taking the time to say something somewhere on the web.  Thank You to all of you for thinking of me.  Now I will be spending the next 2-3 days going through all your online cards, messages, tweets, videos, text messages, and then I’ll spend an entire day just reading each of these comments and Birthday wishes below on Facebook.

Here are 500 ways to tell someone “Happy Birthday” and the best way I know how to say THANK YOU!

I wish I had the time to go onto Facebook and thank each of you individually…..

These comments and Birthday wishes will eventually scroll down the walls of my Facebook page and ultimately disappear off my profile page and end up somewhere in the Facebook Cyber abyss!  But these friends, their profile photos, and their comments etc will live “forever” here in this post, and in my heart and spirit.  I will always be able to find and re-live this special day and realize how important friends are, and how they can make our life extraordinary!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love you all and appreciate you more than you could ever know!

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