A Life Lesson – Don’t Give Up

 Well, I’m finally back to update you on the postOvercoming Adversity, Change, and Life’s Challenges” As most of you know, our family started off the New Year with quite a barrage of unfortunate events. When my wife told me that I should write a post on my Blog about the whole 3 day ordeal, being the stubborn Leo and mule that I am, I resisted! I was in too much shock and drowning in self pity to think anyone needed to know or would care. Man, was I wrong!

After finishing the post, I did feel a bit better, but when I started reading the comments from a few of you, I totally lost it and just had to walk away! It took me a while to even come back to the post, and start reading them again. Every comment, every word, every response simply made me weep! I’m not ashamed, I’ve been humbled! I have never experienced so much love and support from so many people I have never even met! (at least not in person) I realize now, this is NOT just my social network, this is my family.

I considered naming this the “Miracle Post.” Even though I survived the first three days of the New Year, I honestly felt that I had lost all hope, and my faith was shattered. My mind was so emotionally twisted and heart so broken, that at times, I don’t remember driving places, saying things, doing things etc. The entire first weekend of the New Year is but a blur for me.

 I kept coming back to the post, and reading the comments. They somehow began to give me peace. Just knowing that my family and I have so many friends here who sincerely care about us, gave me a sense of security, where “In My Heart” there was none . As I found the strength to read your comments, and believe them to be true, my hope and faith began to be restored. “THAT’S A MIRACLE!” I have never been so deeply touched by so many people in all my life. Here’s part of the “Life Lesson” my family and I want to share with you.

On Friday, when my position was terminated from my Company that I had given 20+ years of my life to, I was at the end of my rope. I was trying to be strong and positive, but in my heart, I was toast! I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I was scarred and the world seemed so dark. I could barely look into the eyes of my wife and children. I felt like a failure. I really did not know what I was going to do. I have never felt so helpless, insignificant and worthless as I did this past weekend. When I read through many of the comments (180+) my spirit was renewed, and I found a strength that I just can’t explain to you. It was like some kind of strange phenomenon. I used the words from your comments as my fuel, and my post as a positive source to replenish my spirit. Not sure what I would have done without them….honestly!!

So I took the advice from so many of you to be strong, have faith, look for the open doors, don’t panic, believe, and just “don’t give up!” Such simple words, but yet so powerful. The advice, wisdom, scriptures and life experiences in your comments should be read by any and every person going through a life change, challenge or any type of adversity. I can’t tell you how many calls and emails I have received from so many people from all over the Country. Lives have been, and are being changed. I see that many have been touched, and our story is an incredible testimony to what happens when you just hang in there, weather the storms of life, and just “don’t give up.” Something bigger and better will happen!! It’s a fact, and my family and I are living proof.

 In my original post, I posed the question,So how do you overcome adversity, change, and life’s challenges? I really don’t know other than to lean on GOD as our spiritual leader, and our friends and family for their love and support.Now, I am convinced that I was right. Look to and rely on God, your family, and all of your friends for support! I have learned so much from so many of you in a single post, richly loaded with comments of wisdom, love, prayer, scriptures, circumstances, trials, tribulations, and pain. You have permanently etched your names into our hearts.

On Monday morning last week, just 8 hours after being unemployed, I was hired (rescued) by one of my favorite local Title Companies here in the Bay Area called Placer Title Company. They are underwritten by Stewart Title and some others. The County Manager, Genie Branson, hired me first thing on Monday morning. She is the angel sent from above, I really truly believe that. Just after that, at 10:00am, my son Brandon had his first appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon, and was given the green light to just cast the arm, and no surgery would be necessary. It looks as though his arm may heal normally. Someday soon, he’ll be back to playing his guitar and wrestling with his brothers once again.

Lastly, even with all the storms, winds, and rains that came crashing down on us over the weekend, we still survived! There was no Flooding, our home was spared! This has been one heck of a journey for the Andersohn’s this year. It is a miracle, and my wife and family believe it was because of you and all your positive thoughts, comments and prayers. How could the Big Guy ignore so many people praying for us? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!

 If God has a Blog, we think ours got featured! LOL!~ When I went into Walnut Creek this week to pick up my final check, one of my dearest friends who hired me back in 1986 was standing in her doorway holding what looked like a small phone book or manual. I asked, “what is that?” She said, “It’s your post from Active Rain!” She responded, “I printed out the whole thing, comments and all, so I can take it home and read it, and then share it with my husband. You should publish this in a book!” She was in tears and was very moved by the support she saw here from AR. She said she had never witnessed anything like this before, and she wanted to share it with others. I agreed! You see, your comments and support not only helped us, but now it is helping others too.

We share this whole story with you in hopes that it will bring light into your heart and soul no matter what you may be going through right now. I hope it will give you a renewed hope and faith! I don’t even know how to begin to thank all of you for your love and support, your thoughts, and your prayers. We are so appreciative for the time you took to embrace our little family whose lives had been stirred into such turmoil in such a short time. We are forever grateful to each and every one of you for seeing and helping us through this. I will never take for granted all the friends and family we have here. You are the very best friends we have ever had! Thank you, we love you all ๐Ÿ™‚

One last thing I wanted to share…

I was handed a piece of paper by an employee while I was packing my boxes last week, and it has been in my pocket ever since. It reads: “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a gift! That’s why they call it the “Present”! It’s so true, and what a beautiful thing! I know this is just another chapter in our life journal and journey, and I am happy we’ve had the privilege and opportunity to share it with all of you. This is one we probably won’t soon or ever forget. The “Lesson” and message we hope to share and give back here is, DON’T GIVE UP! My wife and I wrote and recorded this song called “In My Heart” and she has asked me to share it with all of you. I think this is her way of saying thank you and trying to weasel into my Blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

Be Blessed, and thank you ALL for just being you, we’d have you no other way! God Bless!


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